There are numerous reasons to blog when selling affiliate products, chief amongst them is the ease with which it takes to launch your site! What we're addressing here today is not the technical simplicity of maintaining a blogging platform however but more importantly how it helps you to build trust with potential customers! Let's face it online consumers are a very savvy bunch and they are NOT willing to laid down their money until they are comfortable and familiar with the merchants trying to sell them! This is a role a blog can easily play in your business!

Here are 5 ways a blogging platform is better able to build trust with visitors thus making it much easier to sell any affiliate products you may have to offer!

It Informs

One of the most effective strategies used today to build trust with potential customers online is to increase their knowledge on specific topics! By offering them, free of charge or commitment, useful information pertaining to the affiliate products you're promoting, people are then able to make a more informed buying decision! Blogs afford you the opportunity to do just that and to also 'archive' this information for anybody who may want to review it in the future!

It Collects Names

Although you are quite capable of capturing the contact information of people who land on your website by using a squeeze page, blogs can do this better! By virtue of the fact that squeeze pages are designed to ONLY take contact information, if visitors do NOT comply you've likely lost them forever! When using a blogging platform, visitors are allowed access to your site regardless of whether they leave their contact information! This increases the chances of them returning and giving you other opportunities to get them on your list!

It's Updated

Unlike 'conventional' websites, a blogging platform can be updated very easily, even if it's multiple times a day! This makes it much easier to display fresh content that remains relevant to any changes that may have occurred within the industry and we all know how buyers want to stay current with this information!

It's Relevant

As mentioned immediately above it is so much easier to keep the content you display current or relevant since it is so easy to update the site! Ongoing change is a fact of life and tends to occur even more often on the internet which makes a blogging platform the perfect way to position your business! Visitors who land on your site want and need information they can use and not something that has been sitting there stagnant and outdated for an extended period of time!

It Evolves

As people, products or trends change so must your site to maintain its appeal and effectiveness! Sometimes it is something as simple as making a few graphic design changes or even adjustments to the layout of your site for easier navigation! When selling affiliate products you can count on making changes, and frequently to adapt to any new product offers you may have!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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