Stuck in a rut? Feel like you've hit a plateau at work? Not sure what to do next to get your career progression into gear?
Then it might be time to take a look at your attitude. Just what attitude am I referring to? There are many positive attitudes that can enhance your career advancement - a few of which I believe can really help you get ahead.
Enthusiasm and positivity - being enthusiastic at work is all about your mental state. You need to decide you want to be a positive and enthusiastic employee. Reflect on your posture, your presence and your self talk. If your self talk is all about being bored then you'll end up feeling worse. Instead get motivated and interested in what you are going and show others that you are enjoying what you are doing.
Everything is energy - the more you focus on your positivity the less room there will be for the negative to creep in.
Bygones - make every effort to forgive and forget in the workplace - that is don't hold grudges and be easy to get along with. I am not suggesting you should compromise on your values and boundaries but no enjoys working with someone who whinges and complains all the time. Be the first to volunteer, to offer someone support and to move on when there has been tension in the team.
Not only will your peers appreciate that they don't need to tiptoe on eggshells around you but your manager will love you for not giving them something else to have to manage!
Strive for excellence - we can't all be perfect but if you are seen to be making efforts to be the best you can be and strive to deliver excellent service in whatever you do you will find yourself a highly valued team member in no time. Why settle for good when you could be great?
In striving for excellence you should find yourself exceeding expectations, giving your full attention and being present for each task that you undertake. Do this whether you are being watched or not. How you do anything is how you do anything so it won't be long before your manager starts to notice your excellent work. By always aiming for excellence you will find that you naturally surpass many others in the workplace who have settled for being mediocre.
Such attitudes in the workplace will make you a welcome member of any team and will demonstrate your ability to step up into a leadership role. If you are looking for the competitive edge to give your career a boost then attitude is everything!

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