“There are so many scholarly articles about how our attitude is very important for healing. In fact our attitude has everything to do with healing. If we don’t think we will get better, more than likely we will not get better. And if we do think we will get better, we will more than likely get better. Not all prescriptions come from a bottle, there are healing abilities that are built into each and every one of us.”

The study of psychoneuroimmunology is all about our inner ability to heal just because we have hope and connections to other people that have a good outlook on life. We are like ants that work together to bring about the healing of the community. All working together from the good of one and all. Like bees that transmit information to one another with pheromones, vibrational energy, and cosmic understanding that transmits out into the edge of the Universe… we have great healing abilities built into our very being.

It’s very important that we break apart all feelings of helplessness and create waves of gratitude, forgiveness, and uplifting feelings that we are not alone… no matter if we are physically miles away from anyone. This takes time, and those who connect to their inner healer can attest that this process creates heart felt feelings of connection to everything.

Take for instance the true story of woman who has breast cancer who is feeling down, alone, disconnected from everyone. And has feelings of guilt and shame that burden her mind and floods her body with feelings of “I am not worthy”. Then she does some psychotherapeutic counseling over a period of a year and starts her way back to feeling good about her life. Then all of a sudden her cancer goes into remission without any reason.

And what about the true story of a man who had prostate cancer in which the cancer had already spread to other areas of the body. The doctors give him only 6 months to live… and he has little hope and very few friends. Then all of sudden he hears an inner voice saying, “Listen to Me, I am hear to guide you”. And he starts listening to that inner voice and changing his life accordingly. He start eating differently and he starts thinking differently. And instead of cocooning in his home he starts going out and having fun and meeting new people… and uplifting his spirits.

Then he goes back to his doctor and has a check up with new chest X-rays and CT scans to reevaluate the spread of his cancer. And a few days later his doctor calls him in and sits him down and says “I don’t know what to say, this can’t be right, all the cancer is gone. I don’t understand. All the metastases throughout your body has disappeared and your are totally fine… but lets run some more tests.” And later all the new tests come back negative and he is cancer free.

And there is the true story of a man with leukemia that decides he has always wanted to be a Buddhist monk. And he is able to get around, so he decides to visit a Buddhist monastery, and apply to become a buddhist monk. He is accepted even though he does have leukemia, and starts the process of learning to create mindful awareness of compassion for himself and all sentient beings. This process is very profound for him, because he came from a home where his father was an alcoholic and the whole family was very dysfunctional. He was filled with lots of emotions about his upbringing that plagued his mind and spirit. He spent 8 months at the monastery working in the gardens, doing devotional work, chanting, writing, and helping with all the chores associate with feeding, clothing, and taking care of all the members, it was a hard life… but it kept his mind busy.

But with all the hours of meditation soon he was filled with an upwelling of emotions that washed away all feelings of guilt and shame. He started feeling happy for the first time in his life, and deep seated feeling of contentment started to set in. Not long after that his doctor called, he wanted him to come in and have some blood tests done to reevaluate his leukemia. And when the test results came back he was completely healed of his leukemia.

It’s amazing what how attitude, emotions, and inner most feelings can bring about healing in a powerful and some what miraculous way. But is it really miraculous or is it a connection to something that lives within each and everyone of us… LOVE.

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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