Why do you want to attract money fast? Why do you need to attract money now?
I guarantee you there is a specific answer pushing at your mind. You know why you want to attract money fast, but do you know exactly what you want?

When I ask most people what they want when it comes to money, they typically give me one of these answers:

• I want to attract more money…
• I want to attract a better job…
• I want to attract success…

These answers are so general that the universe doesn’t know what to deliver to you. Don’t worry, most people give a general answer at first, but here’s the challenge with general answers…

More money, a better job and more success means something different to everyone!

If you tell me you want to attract more money and I hand you a penny…are you going to be happy?

So, to attract money fast and attract money now you have to start by doing 1 thing…

Be Specific!

When you say you want to attract more money or a better job or more success, what do you mean? Be specific…write it down…picture it…taste it. Use all of your senses and get into as much detail as possible. The details really matter.

Now the next step to attract money fast is to tap into how this FULL PICTURE of what you want in complete detail makes you FEEL! All of the Law of Attraction tips in the world won’t help you attract what you want unless you are extremely specific AND get connected to it emotionally. So, do it right now…pick one thing you want to attract (yup…that’s right, just do one at a time) and write it down in FULL DETAIL.

The more you connect with the vision and emotional connection to what you want, the more inner guidance you will receive on what steps of inspired action you can take to attract money fast and attract money now. By doing this exercise, you literally magnetize yourself to attract and out picture the inner movie you are playing in your mind.

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