When you find yourself attracted to your ex, you need to be very excited to win him back again. Before you make any move, examine your intention first as it significantly determines if the relationship is worth trying all over again.

You saw his new profile picture on a social networking site and you giggled over his candid pose. His being photogenic has always turned the lights on. You checked his wall and you were surprised to see he’s not in a relationship this time. As you made a few more clicks, your happy memories together in the past kept coming back. You got so thrilled you clicked the ‘message’ button to send your ex a short message.

Before you make the next move, pause for a while and ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” You had your time in the past but despite your caring effort, both of you decided to take different ways. So clarify your intention this time to make sure both of you won’t get hurt again. Listed below are four possible reasons why you want him back. Determine which defines yours.

You want to get away from loneliness.

Have you ever felt out of place in a gathering because all your buddies tagged their partners along? Have you invited some people to see a movie with you but got declined because they have their own respective dates. If you assume the best cure for your desolation is your ex, try to swerve into another direction. Every person certainly deserves more than that.

Your ideal man exists.

When you’re not in a relationship, you may imagine how your ideal man behaves with you around. These ideas may turn you into a despairing woman and eventually, you try everything to make them all come true. If you’re thinking of your ex as a possible victim of your fantasies, step backward. You’ll just hurt him and you’ll just get frustrated if he doesn’t live up to your expectations.

You plan to retaliate or run away.

When you’re hurt, the usual reaction is to take revenge. Whether it’s your friends who hurt your pride or your current boyfriend who put you down, don’t assume winning your ex back will solve everything. Further, if you want to run away from the turmoil you’re undergoing, seeking temporary relief from your ex isn’t a correct idea. Don’t use people as means to your end.

You still love him.

This intention doesn’t involve any kind of selfishness. The only reason why you want to win him back is to fill up the hollowed spot he left behind. When you want to be part of his endeavors again and when you’re willing to walk with him through the storm, your loyalty to him has never faded. When you find yourself reaching out because of unselfish intentions, chances are you’re going to have a lovelier relationship.

Being attracted to an ex brings a wonderful feeling. Reliving the past may be easier and more exciting as both of you knows each other in a deeper way. However, if success is your primary goal this time, start it right by examining how you truly feel for the person. Selfish reasons won’t go anywhere. A relationship will last only if it’s rooted in love.

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