Do you love your clients or customers?

"One of the biggest mistakes, probably the biggest mistake, people make in any business is that they fall in love with the wrong things. They fall in love with their product, service, or company. You should believe passionately in your product, service or company. But you should fall in love with your clients." Jay Abraham, Getting All You Can Out of All You've Got

Can you think of any marketing technique that is more effective than attracting customers with genuine, sincere concern for them coupled with a true desire to assist them in solving their problems and/or satisfying their goals? I can’t!

If you currently could use help attracting customers, here are four easy steps for you:

Be grateful for the customers you have right now. That means to not only feel your gratitude for them, but to do something about it as well. For example, sending a card through the mail to let them know how much you appreciate them, not because of a recent purchase, but just because you want to let them know that you value them. WOW – who does that, anymore? You, that’s who!

Step 2:
Get very clear on the traits of your perfect client/customer so that you begin attracting customers that are a great match for you. Here’s what you can do. Download my FREE Contrast Brings Clearness worksheet and make a list first in the bottom section of the worksheet of all the traits that you don’t want your clients to have. Then using the top of the form, reframe those to the traits that you do want your ideal client to possess. Once you get on a roll, write more and more traits that you can think of so you begin attracting customers that are perfect for you.

Step 3:
Once you have listed everything you can think of, tear off and throw away the bottom “What I Don’t Want” part, and keep the upper “What I Do Want” list in a visible location so you can review it daily. When you read it each morning, see and feel yourself attracting customers easily. Fill your heart with love and appreciation for those perfect clients and allow that feeling to spread throughout your entire being. Visualize yourself providing your service or products to help them solve their problems or meet their goals.

Step 4:
Stay positive and optimistic throughout your day. People enjoy being around others that make them feel uplifted and energized. Be that person for your existing clients/customers and attracting customers through referrals will be easy for you.

Use these four steps to cultivate that lovin’ feeling and your perfect client will feel it and show up at your door! Attracting customers through maintaining the wonderful emotions of love, gratitude and optimism throughout your day will not only attract clients but also will nurture your personal energy so you can enjoy your days, feeling great and operating up to your potential.

Author's Bio: 

Pat Altvater partners with solo entrepreneurs to implement a sales and marketing process and plan that brings them joy and increases their bottom line. She is the author of Choose Success - Ignite the Power Within and President of Transformations Institute. Teaching women to embrace personal growth and success in a FUN, joyful manner is her mission which she accomplishes with group presentations, accountability circles, and coaching as well as through her books and blogs, numerous products, and monthly videos.