Each and every person, each feeling, each thought and every thing becomes Energy, which radiates and vibrates a signal. According to the Law of Attraction, as these signs are being transferred and relayed, signals of similar frequency are attracted magnetically back to the sender. For instance, your most dominant vibration, which is molded or shaped as an outcome of one’s feelings and thoughts, attracts an equal frequency from the world.

Therefore, what you may experience, is always a match in vibration to your dominant vibration. It is All About The Vibe. “Good, good, vibrations...I am picking up good vibrations”—by the Beach Boys. When the song of the Beach Boys entitled, “Good Vibrations” peaked on the pop charts in 1966, the theory or notion of vibrations and energy was still fairly new and novel to several individuals.

But 40 years later, more and more people are coming to know and understand that it is all about the vibe. And still more and more individuals are coming to perceive and understand the Law of Attraction and how our vibrations measure whether we are attracting into our lives what we do not want or what we do want.

So in order to vibrationally align with your desire, the most significant thing here is to feel good. The equation is like this: feeling good=good vibrations. Select Thoughts that Feel Make You Feel Better. Abraham Hicks said, “Reach for the thoughts that feel good so that what always comes feel good.” Most persons have the habits of thinking that do not feel favorable and do not serve them well.

For instance, when you fear about the recent decline or financial crisis, or fearing sickness, or not having enough moola. Once you already identified and established what your feelings (and gut) are trying to tell you, it is simply just a matter of selecting thoughts which feel good like---love, appreciation, joy, optimism, empowerment, freedom over thoughts which feel bad or filled with negativity such as unnecessary worry, fear, obsessive pride, despair, hopelessness, and powerlessness.

As you begin to consistently and gently select better and uplifting thoughts, your life will improve and enhance on each level. The tactic here is to pay attention on how you feel because your feelings provide you with feedback about what you are creating and attracting. If a thought feels bad for example, you are in the process of attracting personalities and certain situations and circumstances which you do not want.

On the other hand, if a thought feels nice, then, you are in the course of attracting of what you do want. Here is One Message For You to Take Home Regarding Vibrations: To attract what you do want and prevent attracting what you don’t want, then opt for Good Vibrations instead—aim for those thoughts which feel nice! When you concentrate and focus on feeling better and imagining your life the way you desire it to be, you have to raise your vibrations so it should be parallel with your desires and start attracting what you want.

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