One of my clients, Carson* called me last week. She was concerned about how comfortable she was with communicating with more than one man at a time in her dating life. So we set up an appointment for a coaching session since it had been some time. I chuckle to think that this was her concern remembering to the dark and lonely space she was in when we first met.

Carson was having one of the migraines that she gets frequently. So I told her that I thought we should tap on her migraine today. It was time to eliminate them. She reluctantly agreed wanting to make sure we addressed her dating issues, which we did first. For those of you don’t know, tapping is one way I refer to EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.

So we began to tap on the probable cause of migraines based on Louise Hay’s book, “Heal Your Body.” We began tapping with,’ Even though according to Louise Hay migraines can be caused by a dislike of being driven….” After a few rounds of tapping, I checked in with Carson to see how she was doing and if any thought or memory was showing up. She immediately began, “Oh my! My whole life I’ve been driven and I encouraged her to tap on her points while she told me.

For an hour we tapped on what showed up, with my guidance, first on a dislike of being driven, then on resisting the flow of life. I asked Carson where in her life did she think she might be resisting the flow of life. Through the tapping, Carson had the self-awareness that she had been insulating herself, protecting herself from really finding a partner because of her experience with finances in her last relationship. Until now she had not even realized she was doing it. So we tapped on all that showed up with this revelation and more.

In the end, Carson admitted that having a partner along with all the reasons of sharing life, companionship, and romance was that she also wanted someone to share in the financial aspect of their relationship. This was great progress! We still have some more clearing to do, and Carson and I are hopeful that migraines will be a thing of her past as will her loneliness.

So what physical ailments might be hiding some emotions, belief or memory that may be holding you back from letting love in?

*Carson is not her real name for privacy.

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Cheri has devoted her life to perfecting the art and science of creating and cultivating relationships that are passionate and thriving. She is a trusted mentor to men and women who came close to giving up on love, and with her guidance found the confidence and energy to attract and enjoy long lasting love and fulfilling relationships through conscious creation just as she has done. For your free 6 Step Blueprint to Manifest Your Perfect Mate, visit