Over the past several years, the Law of Attraction has become the new buzz phrase for directing your thoughts and emotions to positively attract what you want in your life. However, many people have reported that despite their best efforts to deliberately use the Law of Attraction, they have not experienced the level of abundance and prosperity for which they hoped.


Many Law of Attraction lecturers, such as Michael Losier and Esther Hicks, have suggested that one’s beliefs about money will dictate how effectively they manifest prosperity. Attempting to attract abundance while battling limiting beliefs will often create mixed results.

Religion, the media, friends and family all contribute to how you view the world and your place in it. Some beliefs are so ingrained, that they exist on a very subconscious level. For instance, if you are attempting to attract more money but you postulate that you are undeserving of wealth, then increased abundance may never appear in your reality.

In his book The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits, Gregg Braden likens consciousness to a computer by referring to belief as the “program that creates patterns in reality.” Simply stated, beliefs that limit your ability to create prosperity will negate any attempts of deliberately using the Law of Attraction to manifest what you desire.


Often, when people state that they want more money or success, they simultaneously experience feelings of discomfort, fear, anxiety or worry about the money that they do not have. However, as mentioned in the Law of Attraction Overview, only positive feelings such as hopefulness, expectation, and excitement about your prosperity will attract success to you. Even if you are not currently experiencing what you desire, focusing on “what is” will only create more of “what is.”

So, what are some examples are limiting beliefs and how do they affect your reality?

•“There is virtue in poverty, and wealthy people are morally bankrupt.” If you are someone desiring both wealth and moral excellence, this belief will make attracting prosperity very difficult to achieve. Viewing virtue and wealth as conflicting concepts is very limiting. If you hold this viewpoint and fashion yourself to be a moral and upstanding citizen, then you're sending the universe a mixed message. How can you successfully attract wealth when the very concept of prosperity goes against who you believe you should be?

•“Those who have figured out a way to achieve wealth and financial security are just lucky.” On the surface, this belief may not seem very limiting. However, if only lucky people are successful and you are not successful, then you must not be lucky. Therefore, the deeper belief is that as someone who is unlucky, you are incapable of drawing abundance and prosperity. Through this belief you have subconsciously placed those who are financially secure on a pedestal which you can never reach.

•“Only people who have access to large amounts of money from family and friends can be assured financial success.” Your ability to create what you want in your life is based solely upon you and your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Clearly, entering this physical reality with parents or guardians who are already wealthy is helpful. However, being born without financial privilege does not limit your ability to manifest abundance.

•“Success can only be achieved through hard work and struggle.” If you hold this belief and yet you are attempting to create success and abundance without having to work hard or struggle, you will more than likely produce mixed results.

•“There are limits to how one can attain wealth and how much money one can make.” Holding this belief pigeonholes you into a particular method of garnering success and a finite amount of what you can earn.


Start noticing people and circumstances that challenge any limiting beliefs about success. For example, there are countless people, both living and dead, who are known for philanthropic pursuits and having high moral character despite their wealth. Very often, there are stories in the news of people who started out with very little means and suddenly found themselves experiencing extreme levels of success and prosperity. Do the names Chris Gardner and J.K. Rowling mean anything to you?

Remember that deliberately using the Law of Attraction should make you feel wonderful. So, have fun with it! Use your imagination to visualize the life you want. Start a journal and jot down all of the wonderful aspects of people, places and circumstances that discredit any limiting beliefs. Start noticing the positive aspects about you and the type of person you are. Believe that you are worthy of all of the happiness, prosperity and success life has to offer.

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