As a Heart Protector of Women, I feel it necessary to address the attraction anxiety many of you encounter. Oftentimes women believe that even if a man is not initially attracted to her physical appearance that he will eventually become attracted to her once he gets to know her. I am sorry to say this is not true from a man’s perspective.
Men are either attracted to you or they are not. Men are extremely visually stimulated. They are turned on, turned off or just not interested. Women on the other hand find themselves frequently enjoying a friendship with a man that then in their heart grows into romance, but it doesn’t work that way in a guy’s mind.
Men must have a reasonable amount of physical attraction from the get go for them to even consider any type of a romance. A man may enjoy talking with you or going to events with you because he is comfortable with you, but that does not mean he is attracted to you or desires romance with you. It just means he is comfortable with you and really men would rather be excited by seeing you walk in a room, challenged by your wit and intimidated by your sensuality than be comfortable. The desire to be comfortable comes when they are over 65 and not before! So don’t interpret them saying they are comfortable with you to mean they want to spend the rest of their life with you! Know that when a male says he’s comfortable, that is what he means. When he says he’s tired, he means he’s tired, not bored, not angry, not sad, just tired! When a guy has made a comment that he does not feel a romantic connection, please believe him! If he shows a lack of initiating intimacy that too is a big clue that he is just not that into you romantically. He may be happy to just be your friend.
Do not deceive yourself and think his feelings will change. If you are looking for a romantic partner that will rock your world on every level know that the man who will do this for you must be attracted to you from the very beginning. So don’t sit at home hoping he will be dropped from the heavens into your driveway. Get out and meet new people. Take on new adventures! Try new things! Men tend to be involved in physical activities, so get out of the library and hit the bike path, beach or tennis courts. Being active and having fun will build your confidence and the right man will spot you right away!

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Jonathon Aslay
Dating and Relationship Coach Expert
Jonathon Aslay is a Dating and Relationship Coach who is a Heart Protector for Women and a Guy Spy into the male mind.
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