Today’s weddings are incomplete without photo-booths chiefly because they offer a wide range of benefits. Besides, it’s a fact that photobooths have evolved as a fundamental part of a wedding atmosphere. Other than creating memories for guests and the newly-wed couple, photobooth has a major role to play- adding to the celebratory essence. These fun additions provide love, laughter, bonding and much more.

While most of you are aware of the concept, others may still be lacking knowledge about a photo-booth. The photo booth is not just limited to taking shots. There are fun and a lot of unique moments associated with photo-booths. Let us explain what a photo-booth really is.

All about a photobooth

Photobooths can be set up on different occasions. These are fun booths where people get clicked without any effort. In modern times, photo booths are a craze. They help save time for event hosts and organisers. People these days don’t need spending excess time photographing hundreds of guests individually or in groups. With a photo-booth installed guests will enjoy its sheer presence as they will be clicked in different creative ways. Sometimes a wedding Party Photo Booth Hire in Sydney is tailor-made for fitting around different locations or themes.

In order to ensure the wedding turns out to be an extraordinary event here are some absolutely stunning ideas to ensure that all the memories captured gain a new dimension.

Classic photobooth

A classic photo-booth is everyone’s favourite. People here know what they ought to perform and how everything is going to be. Nothing comes as a surprise under the classic set-up. This concept is absolutely compact and things are kept together. These photo-booths allow people to get photographed during leisure time, as they are most placed at the reception.

Curtain photobooth

This photo-booth is simple and praiseworthy. It gives the much-needed privacy people need at an event. Especially for couples who would like to spend some “we” time, there seems to be nothing more amazing than the curtain photo booth.

Open photo-booth with props hanging from trees

The Open Booth in Sydney is a much-loved idea when creative photography becomes the objective. Unlike dedicated photo-booths where guests almost struggle to move, this open set-up allows them to breathe with nature around them. The greenery adds to the lushness of the background and the frames are just for having fun. In most cases, the props are handcrafted and are tailored to fit around the theme of the event.

Stand-up boards

The sand-up board is very fairly common everywhere because of its popularity. People love these funny boards where they can get the most unforgettable moments, captured for a lifetime. The stand-up boards come in a variety of designs and have face holes so that anyone can peep into them and get clicked with their partner.

The faux frame

Here is a luxurious idea to set-up a wedding photo-booth. It has a luxurious backdrop with an open interpretation. The set-up mostly comprises a wall, with the furniture as if it’s a room. The funniest part of the story lies with the frame holes where others can stick their face and get clicked.

Now, these are some interesting ways to add fervour to the event. Try these photo-booth concepts for an unforgettable wedding frame.

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The author runs an Open Booth hire in Sydney. In recent times the author has been sharing details about attractive photo-booth concepts.