The value of getting an all-around educational experience has been rising among Indian students and their parents have also found the prospect worth investing in. It is with this mindset that a large number of parents are sending their children overseas with a view to provide them an exposure to a foreign culture, international learning style, a global mix of fellow students and high-quality education. What better country to provide all these factors on a single platform than the United States?
While Study in the USA for International Students includes 4-year Bachelor courses and 2-year Master courses, there is also another option that students can opt for, namely, Summer Programs. This article explores the aspects of taking up summer courses in the US.

What are Summer Courses in the US?
Summer Programs are short term courses or training programs that cover short course modules, packed with academics and practical activity. Generally, these programs are preferred by high school students to gain an extra edge in their academics. In the US summer programs are generally conducted between May and August, with a duration anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks. These programs are available for a wide range of disciplines such as Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, Business, English Language etc.

Here are some of the advantages of enrolling in summer programs:
1. This is an avenue to earn additional certifications outside of the school/college year.
2. You can gain specialized training for your choice of subjects that will give you an academic edge in your future.
3. You can get exposure to foreign culture and society.
4. You will get a chance to study alongside international students and experience their lifestyle.
5. The summer course experience would be an add-on to your resume.
6. You may be eligible for a credit transfer at your home country in case of certain courses.
A list of popular summer programs that students can take up in Summer2019 is given below.

1. John Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
As part of its Discover Hopkins initiative, the program offered in the summer is the Engineering Innovation program which targets STEM courses that include Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These are fields in great demand worldwide and the program lays a strong foundation on which a stellar career may be built.

2. Cornell University, Ithica, New York
For students with great aspirations, there is nothing like an Ivy League Summer school experience. Cornell University hosts 3 to 6-week summer programs in a wide range of fields including; Arts, Media, Business, Language, Robotics, Psychology, etc. It is a prestigious program to get into and plays a huge role as far as elevating the student’s academic profile, for those able to meet the criteria.

3. Carnegie Mellon
The institution offers prestigious pre-collegiate programs to help students transition successfully into their higher study courses and allow students a glimpse into college life. Participation is allowed into 6 of the following courses, Art, Architecture, Drama, Music, Design, and National High School Game Academy.

4. Columbia University
Its summer Immersion Program is truly astounding in which students have the choice of 60 distinct subjects in 12 subject areas taught by the esteemed faculty of Columbia University. In addition, the schedule is packed with extracurriculars to give students a holistic and truly unique experience.
Other Universities and Colleges providing such short-term programs in Business, Arts, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, STEM courses, etc. include:
1. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
2. University of Colorado, Boulder
3. University of Texas at Austin
4. University of California, Los Angeles

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