The advancement in technology can never be ceased. Thanks to great personalities whose efforts are responsible for these innovations. One of the recent innovations in the field of mobile industry is the outcome of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. The first mobile to come up with this OS is Android Galaxy Nexus. It combines the best of Android 2 (phone interface) and Android 3 (Honey comb tablet interface). This OS can be used with both phones and tablets.

This model has turned with an array of improvements over its predecessors, thus combining the best of Gingerbread and Honeycomb with several new innovations. It has brought with it several facilities, like, easy multitasking, customizable home screen, deep interactivity, rich notification and new ways of communication and sharing. It has made data logging and warning and grabbing screen shots easier. The keyboard and dictionaries have also been revamped. Animations facility has also been made better with entirely new typeface.

1. Roboto: It has come with a brand new typeface in the shape of easy-to-read, Roboto.

2. System Bar and Action Bar: There are many buttons at the bottom of the screen in some applications to allow users an access to different areas of the device. It is a lot helpful in navigation. These buttons, though are present in all applications, but can be dimmed for full-screen viewing. In an action bar, present at the top of the screen, there is an access to contextual options.

3. Voice Control: With the coming of Android 4.0, comes a new voice input engine, which has a capability to dictate the text you want, for the time you want.

4. Multitasking: The multitasking is made easier and more visual. A user can jump from one task to another, using a list in the system bar.
5. Face Unlock: It is the best of all features brought in by this new mobile device. This feature unlocks phone only on facial recognition technique.

6. Home Screen Folder: New Android phone contains Home Screen Option, where a user would be able to group mobile applications or shortcuts together.

7. Notifications: This field has also been improved. In case of tablets, the updates appear in system bar, while in phone, notifications roll down from top of the screen.

8. Favorite Tray: There is now a customizable favorite tray, on which any of the application or mobile games can be placed.

9. Widgets: The phone has come up with the facility of resizing widgets, which have been made much more interactive, enabling a user to flick through play music, appointments, etc.

10. Data: This device has brought new graphical displays, which help a user to check the used data or used Wi-Fi. The amount of data used by running application can also be checked easily.

11. Camera: There has been much needed improvement made in camera UI. It is believed to have 1080 p video, a new picture-stitching panorama mode, zero shutter lag and easier sharing features. There are also in-built facilities of face detection and tap to focus. Live effects can be applied to distorted images. Editing tools can also be used.

Besides it, there are several improved mobile applications, people app and calendar app, each with a variety of improved features. Android 4.0 ICs also supports visual voicemails. A new application, called Android Bump permits two phones to exchange information, just by holding them together. It can also be used to share mobile games, website, etc. Needless to say that several software development have also got chance to spread their business wings in this arena of developing applications for this new Android ACS.

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