Good day! Today's engagement is one that we have engaged with before. Actually, like all the themes that we talk about, we'll engage with this one over and over again. We've engaged with this recently—the same five points of Meditation, because it's so important. Everything we talk about is important… it all bears repetition.

Meditation is how you connect with the HoloCosm… how you trigger the Law of Attraction… How you decide and design what you want to do in life. So there's a five point formula:

1. Attune
2. Ask
3. Appreciate
4. Amen
5. Act

By the way, it's interesting that 2 of this, Ask and Act, are single-syllable, what they call monosyllabic words. Attune, Appreciate, Amen—those are all polysyllabic.

Attune, tune in, still yourself, sit down in a chair. Take several deep breaths, close your eyes, tilt your eyes upwards. Think of some spiritual symbol… think of something that causes profound peace in you, because you're tuning into the Cosmic.

And #2, after you've been Attuned, which is really a simple thing to do, Ask. Again, you don't start with conscious competence—you're unconscious or incompetent when you start—but after you've done it a few times, then you just Ask, too.

You bring forward your requests to the Cosmic. "This is what I'm working on; this is what I'd like some ideas for, some inspiration for, some insight on, some connections with." This—you're asking.

And #3, you Appreciate. Now, meditation is an interesting thing—let's just take a typical brief meditation of 12 minutes. And by the way, I have been involved in eight-hour meditations, and I have been involved in 12-second meditations—you will understand there's a flexibility.

But for me, and again, I don't think I'm unusual (I know I'm not, as a matter of fact), a 12-minute meditation is a good, normal meditation.

And so after you've Attuned, after you've Asked, then you Appreciate. There's a time period of what I call coasting. Once you get your answer, you Appreciate the answer that you're receiving.

Then you Amen it, that's #4—you bless it. You say "Hallelujah!" and then you know you're going to get on with life, because….

Point #5 is Act. It's now up to you. You sat down consciously and invoked the higher powers; it's now up to you to act.

Summary: 1. Attune, 2. Ask, 3. Appreciate, 4. Amen, and 5. ACT!

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