Augmented Product: Intangible benefits of a Product


What is an Augmented Product?

An augmented product is a product that contains intangible benefits of assets far higher than the physical product itself. It’s a non-physical part of a product. In further, an augmented product is a product that is enhanced by its seller by adding different features or services to make it different from other competitors.

Some standard features that are highly used from the seller itself are free delivery or in-home installation service. Cosmetic companies make offer travel size samples and free makeovers to augment their product.

Intangible benefits of a Product

Warranty: This is the most commonly used example of an intangible feature that can augment a product. In actual, a warranty is your promise with a customer that if there is a fault in this product, I will change or replace the product. He might also give them a specified period, which will be the validation of the warranty.

AV meeting rooms are one of the best use of technology, especially for meeting and conference purposes. It not just only enhances the sound and quality of teaching but also glorifies the presentation and builds up the interest of listeners and participants.

Free delivery: Free home delivery tags are catchy and get the attraction of customers. This is an extra service that the seller offers to its clients. In this, the seller promises to handle the product and deliver it to their home.

Updates: As shown by name, this type of service is commonly used for software. In this service, the seller promises to provide periodic updates of that software, which the customer won’t pay for.

In-home installation: Some products need proper installation at home. These products might include home security alarm, security cameras, and other kitchen material. In this facility, the seller offers their clients in-home installation of the product without extra charges. It’s a good way to augment the product.

Customer service: Most of the users rely on companies that have better customer services. This will create a better interaction between the customer and your firm.

Besides the benefits explained above, there are many more facilities that can attract people toward the products. These benefits include:

  • Free gifts
  • Financing
  • Coupons
  • Ticket to events
  • Free product trial
  • Free snacks at retail or outlet


Apple TV

In 2019, when Apple company launched its video and TV streaming, it made a way to spread awareness about it and to get people to start using the services. Do you know what they did? They just offered Apple TV as an augmentation for the purchase of certain Apple products.

Laptop with carrying bag

When you got to buy a brand new laptop, some of the companies offer a laptop carry bag along with a laptop. In this case, the customer will not purchase the carry bag by spending an extra amount. Many companies change their facilities to compete with other companies. They might offer wireless mouse, keyboards, or headphones. In this case, the laptop is the original product that a company wants to sale, and the other items are an augmentation

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