Another glimpse of some of the articles contained in the Earth Spirit Journal from Shamanic in Portugal, this is from August 2016 edition: (

July brought us another higher pace and notch on the roller coaster of 2016. A blend of intensity for the physical body accompanied by plenty of quiet moments in which to create balance, and so nurture ourselves.

July also brought to light much which has been perceived as challenges, both personally and across the planet. The purpose was to provide clarity. Clarity in the sense of knowing what it is you want and what you do not want, what is acceptable and what has become unacceptable.

The physical body is always the final part to feel the effect of any re-structuring and shifting which is underway within each of us. The choice we have to make is how quickly we allow it to leave our bodies.

One way is to find the core of your Being and feel into it to bring in balance, and stillness - often known as the Art of Zen. Being the observer to what we are feeling...

Beginning our Creation(s)

August promises to be an extreme month, with much fire energy. Meaning it will be important to choose carefully the words we use and how we communicate. Back to ensuring inner balance, for each of us is being empowered to look within rather than expecting it to come from an outside Source. It is our own creation which is now required of each of us.

The new moon on the 2nd encouraging each of us to shine our light on our desires, and not being afraid to do so!
The full moon on the 18th will provide the moment to reflect on what is emerging. So take a few moments to rest and rejuvenate before the big eclipse cycle in September. There is also a lunar eclipse on the 18th and then a solar eclipse on 1st September. Eclipses are always massive catalysts for shifts and changes.

Should you wish to know more about the transformational power of Fire energy, as a subscriber you can download a complimentary copy of our All About Fire workbook (Note: you can subscribe here - ). This means we are all being offered space to create and facilitate our own ideas and programmes for how we desire to live our lives from now on.

The weeks from 15th August to 20th September will assist us to come to a peaceful resolution with any loss, grief and or disillusionment we hold within us. Especially any flowing from our choice as to how to re-structure our life.

Turning the page on...

During the last week of August whilst you may feel hopeful and excited about what is unfolding, it is also a moment to reflect on your decisions and responses. For Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th.

Any Mercury retrograde encourages us to be introspective. Reflecting on your daily routine, your health and your ability to be of service. It is also a moment to obtain a greater perspective on the last three months. Thereby enabling you to enter the coming period with a renewed focus. A moment to Quest perhaps?

One Spirit Work

The final Vision Quest for 2016 is planned for 22nd to 25th September at the end of this period of transition. There will be a half day Introduction to Shamanic Journeying, on the morning of 22nd September followed in the afternoon by the Vision Quest: more information here

A copy of our All About Fire workbook will be provided to all who book.

Should this date not be convenient and you feel the call to Quest during this last part of 2016, email us at to indicate dates most convenient for you to Quest. Just include your name, email address and dates. We will then assess numbers for a particular weekend and if convenient, email to confirm the date and to request a booking.

29/30th October will be Discovering the Inner Introduction to Shamanism. This will introduce you to the shamanic experience of ritual, creating sacred space, journeying, meeting your guides, power animals and much more on our experiential journey together. It will provide you with powerful, effective tools to let you tap into the unseen world for insight and healing which requires no external authority, intermediary, or even beliefs.
A copy of our All About Air workbook will be provided to all who book: more information about this course here -

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Thought for August: Community - An Investigation

We are blessed to be a part of a growing community of like-minded beings. We all met after taking the decisions to leave the comfort of a lifestyle that was not working for us, for a wide variety of reasons. We all took action to move to a place that hopefully would support what we as a group mind set wanted. Even though none of us knew anything about the others until we arrived to this place we now view as home.

Gradually we all started to meet and build relationships. Trust started to form. We all began bonding in friendships as we all started to gather at different places and enjoy each other´s company. We have all come from many different walks of life, different nationalities and faiths, different knowledge and offerings. Over what seems a very short time we all started to realise that working as a team we could achieve much more, and more effectively and quickly.

So our first winter wood collection day per homestead started to happen. Ten or so people coming together to sort the wood for the winter months. This is our source of heat and cooking for these months. Doing it on our own would take one household weeks to complete. However, over the space of 6-7 hours of hard work, the team all joining together as one, different skills and strengths being used, with not an ounce of ego, we become like the Ants, a machine with a goal to for-fill.

With a mission to complete the work, it is done. Hard work, sweat, tears at times and also much laughter and team spirit we get it done. Then, at the end we come together and rejoice with food and beer/wine. We are tired, our bodies have worked hard, no one slacks and we are also overjoyed at what we then see before us - an amount of wood that would keep anyone happy for the months to come. Then a few days later or so we do the whole process again, until we have sufficient for all four homesteads.

This happens time and time again with different activities, the grapes, a car breaking down, garden help, wood clearance. We share in Birthdays and Christmas as a team. We share our visitors and families and this is forever growing in numbers.

Amongst us all, we have great gardeners and chefs, electricians, mechanics, medicine people for mind body and soul. We have structural engineers, musicians, writers, computer geniuses, sewing experts, painters, builders and artists. The list is endless. We share our skills, our time and support each other in this ever growing community of ours. We are a chain gang in the best possible sense of the words. We have come together and we join as one spirit.

It is a wonder to me to be a part of this unfolding magic. To be accepted and to accept others for who they are, regardless of age, colour or faith.

In every corner of the world there is community from the African village to the great cities. For community is one of the aspects of life all humans seek. The coming together to support the others around. This was the case in the small beautiful village in England we left to come to Portugal.

People sharing and joining together to support the elderly, the less fortunate amongst us and to celebrate. The village school has its own net-work of parents and other villagers taking an active role. There is the Theatre company, the Church, the Guides, Brownies, Scouts etc. Football, Cricket, Running clubs all being supported by the village. Fun days for all the village to participate in. The annual celebrations all include the village in one way or another.

This is similar everywhere around the world. What makes it work is acceptance that we are all different, though we recognise and put ourselves forward to become part of the community that we live in. We do not need to leave if the pull is not there, we can create, and co-create this anywhere we are. Even if we are just visiting we can draw on this ethos too. Knowing we are all one and add something to the community that we are in, even if it is not recognised personally. We can offer our energy.

Visitors to our small community seem to always take something of it away with them, just as they leave something of themselves with us. We all become brothers and sisters and share our tales and this alone lifts the spirits of some of our friends and family that come from such busy ways of life. Then we see that when they go home, a seed has been sown, something has changed within them.

They start to become more active in finding what they love to do. Then share this and again the community grows with another who has found his way of moving into the fullest potential of self and becoming part of the community. Sharing the gifts that you gain as you share yours in return.

So again putting the question to you...

  • Do you feel like you fit in within your community?
  • Are you lonely, do you wish for community?
  • Are you giving the best of yourself within your highest potential to your community?

Community supports others. Respects others, even with different ideas, new ideas may come because of the differences, better solutions arise in exchanging ideas with people who have different experiences and wealth of knowledge to share. You are never alone if you are in need, you just have to shout for help and someone will be there for you.

Have you found your niche within your community?
Is this what you want in your life? Somewhere where you fit in, somewhere where you become part of the amazing jigsaw of life that awaits us when we find the perfect role for ourselves within this sense of group, togetherness?
To quote John Dunne – “No man is an island”


A Chant
Remembering Way Chant
(to remember one's spiritual wholeness)

Another chant, from The Anasazi Book of Chants, written by Mary Summer Rain:

Spirit Wings, Spirit Wings,
Take me back to see,
Take me back to know,
The part of me I need to be.

Spirit Wings, Spirit Wings,
Rise into the trail of Time,
Rise into the Time Ago,
And let me see a face of mine.

Spirit Wings, Spirit Wings,
Gather all your Power,
Rise Above and Fly Within,
Journey far into your Power.


Portuguese power animal for August
You can read the full article about this month's 'power animal' by claiming a free copy of the Earth Spirit Journal here:


August is a 17 Universal month, triggering the number 8 of immortality, the master manifester. What you focus on this month with integrity begins the process of creation. To do so means you are clear about your direction, taking the reigns as to how you desire your life to unfold. Meaning it is the moment to stand in your own power, no-one else´s.
Any obstacles that come your way are placed there to encourage your growth – and the courage you gain as a result of overcoming such challenges allows you to step into your magnificence.

We are still in a period of structural change, confusion and disorientation. There is and will be more loss, leading to more grief and disillusionment.

However, confusion and disorientation create new opportunities. Hence why your own vision will enable you to become clearer and oriented as to how you can serve first yourself, and then others.

Author's Bio: 

Besides creating and running Gregory Reece-Smith, the author of this article, is also one of the three main guides with Shamanics in Portugal alongside Steve and Suze Plenty-Light Elliott. You can visit the team's facebook page at, and their website at

Gregory is an experienced transformation facilitator, both within organisations and with individuals. As well as coaching, he conducts workshops at various locations around the world allowing participants to gain experience of how to effect a shift and bring greater clarity in their lives. Gregory´s first book 'The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony – A Guide to Freeing YOU to Create YOUR Life', was published by Divine Time Books and is currently available via Amazon: