Australia known as "land of kangaroos" has emerged as a perfect destination for overseas studies among the international students due to innovative and unique academic program.

It is witnessing an influx of Indian students for graduate and postgraduate studies. The cost of living and tuition cost is also comparatively less than that of other countries, such as the US and the UK.

But what makes Australia a perfect destination for overseas studies for Indians ( is as follows:

1. Tough Immigration Laws in the US:

The immigration laws and work rights in the US have been posing a tough challenge to the international students. It has created a sense of insecure among the Indian students, especially among the professionals.

Contrary to this, Australia extends a warm welcome to the overseas students due to its multicultural and vibrant environment.

The University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne are the most acclaimed ones for opting studies in various disciplines whether Engineering, Physical Sciences, or Humanities. These universities are also positioned at the top 50 in the world.

2. Gain Work Experience and Money:

Students also get to earn money along with work experience to sustain their stay.

High-quality teaching and research opportunities are offered by Australian varsities, Monash University, and Griffith University that provide high-end research facilities for those keen in Science.

3. Practical Work Experience:

The Australian government provides post-study Work Visas to the international students. It enables them to work and gain experience full time for two to four years to lead a well-settled life.

So the Indian students applying for student visa could leverage this opportunity and establish a strong foothold globally.

4. High Employability and Pay Back Education Loan:

Due to the high employability rate in Australia, students can recover expenses incurred on living costs and tuition fees in two years.

Besides these, study and work experience also valorizes CVs for the brighter prospects.

5. Scholarship Programs:

Despite the education is expensive in Australia, Indian students have formed the chunk of foreign students due to various scholarship programs.

The scholarship programs relieve students from financial burden and debt.

6. Education Fee:

Most of the reputable Universities in Australia charge more than AUD 10,000 for undergraduate courses and more than AUD 30,000 for Postgraduate and Ph.D. courses.

Australian Universities provide multiple opportunities to the students in any sphere they choose.

Business and Management Degree Programs is the course in demand among the Indian students in Australia that includes IT, MBA, Accounting, and Hotel Management.

Melbourne Business School and Macquarie Graduate School of Management are the universities offering best courses in Management.

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