Want to master kicking a rugby or AFL football straight in mere minutes…? YOU’RE IN LUCK! 

The Australian-designed WULF kicking tee is the perfect training aid that allows you to develop and polish your movement patterns to achieve the perfect drop punt. 

Labelled suitable for all football codes, the WULF kicking tee comes with a revolutionary design which resembles like antlers. This allows the ball to stay stationary somewhat elevated from the grass turf to help players kick it straight with max power.

Its unique design allows players to get the perfect contact between their boots and the ball resulting in longer and more accurate projection from their position.

Kicking Tee from WULF Guarantees Amazing Results!

  • Trusted by professional AFL, Rugby League players and head coaches, this is the perfect training aid for on-field kicking practice. In contrast to the standard kicking tees which need an angled kick from players, this unique tee needs you to shoot straight!
  • By planting one foot firmly on the turf, you can drive more power directly in every kick by hitting the correct part of the ball and sending it flying towards the intended target. 
  • Its design allows you to isolate your kicking action and move your feet right through its antlers to achieve max force when kicking the ball in its correct position.

Perfect For Achieving the Perfect Drop Punt

Step 1- Place the tee on the ground with the antlers facing in the direction of the intended target. You can tilt the ball slightly forward (if you want), but make sure the seam is in the direction of your target.

Step 2- Once set up, practice standing kicks. Put down your non-kicking foot right alongside the tee and kick with the upper half of your boot laces. The contact point should be the lower half of the ball. Keep practising till you get the connection and confidence to achieve a strong, straight and well-kicked drop punt.

Step 3- Now that you feel the connection; take 3-4 steps directly behind the ball. Keep your eyes on the ball, run-in and shoot through the tee antlers. Initially go for a lower flight ball and once you perfect your run-in, position and ball contact you can go for stronger kicks. 

A well-kicked ball through the WULF tee will generate impressive height, amazing accuracy and good distance- practically everything that you as an aspiring player want to see in your every kick!

1ST CHOICE as Per Both Senior & Junior Rugby, AFL Clubs!

Rightly regarded as the 1st choice by both Rugby and AFL clubs, the WULF tee is used by both professional level players and juniors in their daily training drills.

In words of Chris Malone- Head Coach in the Sydney University, this Rugby kicking tee proves to be the perfect training aid for building muscle memory and shooting in a straight alignment.

In complete support of Chris’s words, Mark Smyth- High Performance Manager in AFL League regards it as one incredible coaching aid for aspiring players to polish their drop punt and take their skills to the next level!

BEST PART… They’re Available in Reasonable Price with Free Postage

As your most reliable kicking aid, the WULF AFL football kicking tee allows you to experience that delightful sound of their boot hitting the ball properly every time and sending it flying in a long and straight projection.

It is also very reasonably priced and comes with free postage. So, order today unhesitantly! 

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The author…runs a sport’s trade store offering WULF AFL/RUGBY football kicking tee and a host of training kits such as goal posts, netball and even game balls used in professional coaching clubs at budget-friendly rates.