Are you being true to what you ask of others everyday? Remember that you are the face of your brand, even if you do not think of your business as a brand as yet. Your clients do.

There is a lot of talk about authentic entrepreneurs, but what does it really translate into? Look at it this way, it simply means that you try your best every day to do as you say. This is what clients connect to as being an authentic person. And people buy from people. They do not buy just a product or service, and this is especially so for solo entrepreneurs and heads of micro businesses. For example, if you smoke, you can be an authentic person in the health industry as long as you do not touch healthy lifestyles or healthy living. For example, I know successful and much-loved wellness entrepreneurs that smoke and concentrate solely on helping people with emotional upliftment. And I cannot count the number of nutritionists that have come to me for help with healthier eating and drinking habits; they saw the reasons why they needed to be authentic in their work and followed through. In other words, there is nothing stopping you from working in an area that you love as long as you walk the talk. If you do not do so already, find a professional in whatever field is needed that can help you in that area.

There is also another angle that is often missed. If you hide under a bushel and are unsure of yourself as a person, your brand will also be seen as unsure and undefined. This makes it much more difficult to stand out and be seen amongst the other people in your business. For example, I was initially selling my holistic training courses under the very strong ethic I have of quality. For me, good quality includes being recognized at the highest level possible. Then I moved countries. In the new country, there was no recognition for courses in my field, and I was not even allowed to call them courses. So I shifted tactic to selling based on price. However, if you remember, my main focus is quality and not price. So I was hiding myself under a bushel, and everything I said was reserved. It did not translate into many sales. Then I did a course on getting more business and as a result learned to go back to concentrating on quality. I found ways to sell based on quality first and price second. I had to set up many new dates for my courses as a result. They were filling very nicely!

I hope this has given you an idea of what you need to look at to have an authentic business true to your own self. Enjoy your journey becoming the person who attracts their own special tribe of clients!

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