Ask most authors if they want their books placed in the hands of lots of readers and they look at you as if you’ve lost your mind. “Of course!” they quickly respond.

When you ask what they are doing to market they again look at you as if you have lost your mind and blurt out some excuse as to why they are not marketing their books on a consistent basis.

The danger for many authors is how isolated a profession writing can be. This can be a blessing on the one hand and on the other hand one of the greatest obstacle to success.

The blessing is you have the “space” to create. The downside is losing touch with what needs to be done to market your books.

Make no mistake of it, you have to market. If you don’t you likely won’t sell more than a handful of books. Because marketing is not the greatest passion of most writers they may convince themselves the marketing can be done “tomorrow”.

Sadly, tomorrow turns into yet more tomorrows and a book that could potentially be read by thousands of fans may reach only a handful of eager readers.

The fact is when an author spends too much time on their own, not having accountability measures in place, it is much easier to believe the stories repeated daily about how the writing is the most important part of what they do.

Is writing essential? Absolutely. Is it THE most important element of a successful book? No, it is not. Marketing absolutely must be factored into the mix.

To hold yourself accountable and move closer to your dream of selling lots of books consider joining a mastermind group and finding a mentor.

Surround yourself with those who are going to encourage you to achieve more. You don’t need someone to baby you. You need to surround yourself with those who help you to see your own potential and greatness.

Want to sell more books? If yes, then begin today to more proactively market your books AND surround yourself with others who will inspire you to your “best author self”.

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