Automatic BP Machines have been available in the market for a long time, and they make it very easy for you to measure your blood pressure. You would not need a stethoscope & there is no learning curve when using the automatic BP machine. All you have to do is that you have to wear the armband and you need to turn the machine on. The armband will inflate automatically, and it will then display the reading on the screen. You won't have to estimate the reading by looking at the mercury graph. So, let us learn a little more about the automatic BP machine today.

Features of Automatic BP Machines

The modern day automatic BP machines are loaded with features, and they offer you many value-added features apart from just measuring your blood pressure. To begin with, the automatic BP machine makes it very easy to measure blood pressure. In addition to this, the automatic BP machine is compact, and they also have memory storage. You can create multiple user profiles in some of the automatic BP machines, and they can store the BP reading along with the date and time.

Apart from this, you will also come across the automatic BP machine with colour coding. The screen will light red if the BP is very high, and the screen will be green if the BP is in the normal range. You will also come across the automatic BP machine that can be powered by both batteries and USB.

Benefits of Automatic BP Machines

• Easy to Use: The manual BP monitors can be difficult to use. The automatic BP machine is straightforward to use in such a case. They offer a significant advantage when it comes to user-friendliness. Using the automatic BP machine is as easy as pressing a button on the machine.

• Good for Monitoring: If you have to monitor your BP regularly, you would feel lazy about using the bulky manual machines. You want something compact and easy to use. This is where the automatic BP machine wins over the manual machines. It takes less than a minute to get the blood pressure using the automatic BP machine.

• Wrist Cuffs: Sometimes the arm cuff may not fit everyone. In such a case, you can buy an automatic BP machine with a wrist cuff. This is available in a standard size, and it can fit everyone. There is no difference in the readings either. You can use the wrist cuffs even with obese people who otherwise find it difficult to measure.

• Alert Notifications: For the people who don’t understand the BP Readings, the automatic BP machine offers a better interpretation. Most automatic BP machines have a chart or a colour coding that will tell them if their BP is high, moderately high or normal. This kind of notification is of great help for older people.

• Smart Features: The new-gen automatic BP machine is also integrated with many smart features. You will find the BP monitors that can sync the data on your phone, and you will also find the talking BP monitors. All these features are of great help. The memory function in the automatic BP machine will also save you from writing the readings manually.

Drawbacks of Automatic BP Machines

• Can be Inaccurate: The fact is that the automatic BP machine can never be as accurate as of the manual BP monitors. There will always be a certain level of inaccuracy in the automatic BP machine. If you plan to use the automatic BP machine, you would have to live with the error. You can take an average of three readings to get a better reading.

• Noisy: The automatic BP machine comes with a pump that inflates the cuff. When compared with the manual versions, automatic BP machines are noisy. If the patient sleeps, he will undoubtedly wake up because of the noise

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