A swimming pool is a great asset that must be protected with a safety pool cover. Covering the pool with an automatic safety pool cover not only brings a number of benefits and savings, but also keeps your family, children and pets from accidentally slipping into the pool.

Inground pools are easy to maintain since they are treated with chemicals, and are not prone to mold. Yet, they must be covered when not in use to avoid debris in the form of leaves, branches, dirt and other foreign stuff from contaminating the water. An automatic safety pool cover helps achieve this, eliminating the need to clean the pool each time before you use it.

There are a number of types of pool covers from the manual hand crank model to the remote controlled system. The most popular cover consists of the sturdy vinyl fabric that is rolled over the pool via tracks along the pool’s sides, operated by a motor.

The automatic safety pool cover is a reliable option that is both durable and safe. Although best suited for rectangular shaped pools, these can be fitted to any shape. These pool covers can be easily fixed to match and enhance an in ground pool’s design. Pool covers are handy when the pool is not in use and provide you the following benefits:

• Energy saving
• Safety
• Eliminate water evaporation
• Savings on chemicals
• Prevents drowning
• Keeps pool clean from debris and dirt

Although pool covers are primarily for safety, they should be considered an investment. For the owner, it brings peace of mind while protecting one from accidentally falling in. Savings resulting from an automatic safety pool cover are significant.

Covers are of two types: in-ground swimming pools and above-ground swimming pool. Some pool covers are solid and laminated while others are made from mesh. Each has its own advantage. Mesh covers keep out the debris and prevent water from building up on top of the cover but are not enough as safety covers.

If you prefer to avoid the hassle of operating your pool cover, the automatic safety pool cover is the ideal option. This must be professionally installed. With the help of an electrical motor, the pool cover can be opened and closed as required.

For people with rectangular pools, setting up the automatic pool covers is a quick process. Some covers allow you to walk on them, covering the pool seamlessly. During the harsh winters, the automatic pool safety cover helps protect the pool from freezing and makes it easier to use when spring arrives, keeping the water clean and minimizing maintenance activities. The covers also guard the pool from damage in winter.

Pool covers are available in many shapes, types and price ranges and you can easily get a cover that fits your pool. The cost of the pool cover depends on the size of the pool and its location. Swimming pools can be fun in any weather and the pool cover can help maintain the water temperature and level, saving on energy costs.

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