Digital disruption is sweeping the globe at breakneck speed. Enterprises are aggressively pushing towards digital adoption to conform to these digital realities. Their enthusiasm for AI and machine learning is reaching new heights.

In a poll on worldwide AI adoption done by the analytics firm Cognilytica, 90% of participants indicated that they intend to implement one of the AI patterns in the near future if they haven't already.

AutoML, with its ability to do ETL operations, data pre-processing, and transformation, grew in popularity by the end of 2020, despite AI and ML being the trend-setters.

Challenges of Traditional Ai/ML

Existing ML-based solutions necessitate human efforts in tasks such as data preprocessing, model development, method selection, hyperparameter tuning and compression, and so on, all of which result in enquiries at the end.

According to an EMC analysis, the world is experiencing a data explosion, with data output expected to increase tenfold in the near future, from 4.4 trillion gigabytes to 44 trillion gigabytes.

Existing machine learning solutions may not be able to handle the growing volume of data. Here are some of the reasons why AutoML is becoming increasingly popular and widely used.

AutoML – Step into the New Era of ML!

AutoML (Automated Machine Learning) technologies and platforms have been developed in the market to help alleviate the problem of a scarcity of data scientists and to assist business analysts in quickly building predictive models.

AutoML's strong automation bridges the skill gap by allowing non-tech firms or non-experts to apply ML models and methodologies with ease. AutoML quickly makes the results of ML models available to everyone.

AutoML is lauded for inventing a new role dubbed the - Citizen Data Scientist, due to the combination of powerful diagnostic analytics with predictive and prescriptive capabilities.


Metrics on a dashboard are used to assess businesses and their progress. Customer turnover is a statistic used by retail companies, while delinquency is used by insurance companies.

Every company, regardless of business, collects data in order to increase its customer profile and market knowledge.

Moving these measurements to the next level of prediction and comprehending the subtle patterns hidden within them would undoubtedly provide a fresh viewpoint and AutoML can help you do exactly that!

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AutoML – The answer that every single organization (both small and large) need in this time of traditional, expensive & complex Ai/ML technologies.