How customer can manage the situation? How best mileage can be brought in this situation
The automobile industry often reels under the impact of the fluctuating oil prices globally and the end user finds it quite difficult to overcome the circumstances. They also lack any solution to tackle the root cause of the issue which is way beyond their control. There are many potential customers who are fence-sitters, toying with the idea whether to buy a vehicle or not as the price witness a northbound trend. When their tribe increases in numbers, the market becomes sluggish and thus the sales of automobiles also take a dip. It requires a prudent and pragmatic approach for people owning vehicles to survive the stifling prices without impacting their economics. A slew of measures needs to be undertaken and foremost factor would be improving the mileage which can minimise the influence of tough prices.
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Servicing your car would be the first and best step in the direction of enhancing the mileage of the vehicle. Most of the car owners rely on the notion; annual servicing of the car is more than sufficient and would place the vehicle in good stead to offer good mileage. What is swept under the carpet is the fact that your vehicle is a machine which requires regular maintenance. They do not require a very close scrutiny as it would have been a few decades ago, but the technology has steadily introduced great transformations which means only a formal check of the car would do. Checking on the coolant and the oil levels once in a period of two weeks can make a tangible difference to the car’s performance. The oil level is critical and also is the use of genuine grade oil as recommended by the car manufacturer. One another aspect that is highly significant is the servicing of filters. The filters exert an enormous level of influence in the functioning of the engines and their condition is vital for peak mechanical efficiency. Cleaning the soot layer in the spark plugs will also increase the mileage.
Maintenance of correct air pressure
Car owners should follow the instructions by adhering to the recommended air pressure as it is indispensable for deriving good mileage apart from offering good comfort levels and a secure ride. When a tyre is not properly inflated it leads to friction and causes the loss of kinetic energy. A widely followed trick is increasing of air pressure in the car tyre by few PSI which makes the side walls firmer and minimizes the contact patch of the tyre. This form of over inflation can cause the tyre to blowout and reduce the grip in comparison to the correct pressures.
Driving in the right gear
Frequent changing of car gears is a practice that needs to be shunned as actually there is no necessity to do so. Driving the vehicle in the right gear at the appropriate RPM is more than enough and this is mostly applicable in a traffic prone area. Another common mistake committed by most drivers is the revving up the engine to the maximum before shifting the gear. It may offer you a great experience while driving, but it creates a big dent on the fuel economy of the vehicle. Shifting the gears up or down is dependent on the road condition and traffic and staying on the natural course as required would definitely offer a better mileage. Many car dealers and owners lower the gears and bring it to neutral which should be avoided as the cars can be maintained in higher gears. Turning off the car while driving downhill may yield a good mileage but the power steering and power brakes makes do not function at their optimum level.

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