Due to the large number of condominium complexes being completions taking place in Singapore at the moment, a large number of such residential units are now available to the people of the city for purchase. Not so long ago, there was a time when the demand for residential units exceeded the number of available residential properties in the city. The last decade, however, has been very busy for the residential property market of Singapore as hundreds of residential condo complexes have been completed.

This has not only supplied residential properties to the growing demand for such properties, but has also provided property investors and home-buyers with variety in regards to the types of properties on offer. The large number of property developments in the city, the prices of these properties have reduced substantially making it easier for the people of the city to buy the best homes for their families. In fact, the first and second quarter of 2015 saw the completion of a record number of condominium complexes in the city, with hundreds of other in process for completion in the next five years. This will give investors in the city with even more options and opportunities.

In regards to the condominium sales in Singapore, the numbers rose substantially during the beginning of 2015. New launches have been welcomed largely by property investors with almost 60% bookings across all major launches being confirmed. Complexes of condominium near Bartley MRT and surrounding areas in the city have been enjoying tremendous popularity among the property investors of the city. The best aspect of condominium living in the city of Singapore is the many facilities that are available to residents even at the low costs of such properties. After all, shared ownership of these complexes allows residents to enjoy a number of facilities even without having to pay for the entire costs themselves.

There are a large number of projects lined up for launch in the near future, and the end of the current decade, as well as the beginning of the coming decade, will witness the launch of several other condominium complexes in various regions of the city. This will help to add to the already staggering numbers of condominiums and similar residential properties in the city. Hence, investors will be able to make better investments in a Bartley condo new launch on properties that suit their needs and desires best. This will also increase their chances of getting the best returns on their investments so that they are able to enjoy healthy profits. This is also great news for home-makers as they can now choose the best homes for their families by choosing the best from a number of different options.

With the large number of property launches lined up for the coming years, these are certainly exciting times for people in Singapore with interests in investing in properties in the city. Investors from within the country as well as foreign investors will find that the investment opportunities in the city to be well within their likings.

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Maryann Wilson has been working with Bartley condo new launch forever a decade, and helps investors make smart investments on condominium near Bartley MRT and other surrounding areas.