Let’s see what the Jury’s verdicts had to say about Avandia and the damage it has done to health and life of people

Diabetic patients all over have faced many heart ailments linked to the intake of Avandia, An anti-diabetic drug from GalxoSmithKline/GSK referred by healthcare experts to treat Type II diabetes.

With so many lawsuits filed against it, the government has now released orders to put a complete ban on the sale of the same. The verdict which is believed to get active from the 18th of November 2011 came no less than good news for many. This ban will levy a complete stay on Avandia’s sale, even though it will be available to patients who have achieved no success with any other anti-diabetic drugs. But, this will be true only for those who apply online. The government has completely pulled the drug from shelves.

Plaintiffs’ claims for strokes, heart attacks and even death triggered by the drugs intake has already lead multitude of lawsuits get filed against Avandia. A trial that was focused on asking for justice by family who had lost its member to a heart attack induced by Avandia was the first of its kind that actually made to the news. GSK in an attempt to settle with all such petitioners is offering monetary compensations to all. That in case of non-payment may surely cause substantial punitive damage to the brand’s name, recognition and earnings.

The cases that are filed against side effects of Avandia are all handled as separate ones and not as one that entails all together as Avandia class action. The jury verdicts for many such cases and petition are still in progress and are touted to get official somewhere in the middle of this year. Seeing the intensity of damage Avandia has caused in the lives of people, the case no more remained a part of class action but was taken to MDL or MultiDistrict Litigation.

Many ways, in which people have made claims against GSK, the makers of Avandia are:

Failure to warn people against the potential adverse effects and risks of Avandia
Failure to warn that the possible side effects this drug can cause may even turn life threatening
Failure to update FDA and public the effects even when the same was brought to their notice
Failure to practice ordinary care in creation of Avandia, which had major defects in formulation and design
Another petition said that GSK will pay $60 million as the first settlement. The settlement was the first from GSK that came after the company’s trial at the State court of Philadelphia in July. This aimed at paying $86,000 as compensation for each case/to every victim who have suffered the loss.

FDA in an attempt to ban Avandia’s sale has approved many new warnings against this drug used for treating type 2 diabetes.

Another one was by the UK advisory committee that voted against the anti-diabetic drug, Avandia that claimed to remove its sale completely from the US markets.

The incidents of increased risk for bone loss and osteoporosis are also vulnerable as potential side effects. The study which was published in the 2nd issue of Nature Medicine in December last year is still under process of receiving its final verdict.

With so many cases and litigations filed against its name, Avandia is no more a popular drug on shelves. FDA’s approval even after the same was considered risky is another strong point that needs deliberation here. Whatever the verdicts of different cases may come up as, but the final jury verdict was a complete ban on its sale and monetary compensation to every single person who has filed a genuine petition against GSK as a side effect of Avandia.

Well, how many of such filed cases will actually come to notice is still a subject that needs to be scrutinized and will be known only when the sales finally stop and people actually receive the compensation.

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