The Mental Sun of Eternity

Nothing can be more familiar to human beings than the mental world of eternity. The moment we are born and take our first breath, our conscious life begins. We become “aware” as a human being, that we are a human being. Our mental apparatus is all set to function and to provide us with our developing consciousness as a living immortal individual. Our physical and mental apparatus function together through the laws of correspondence. Every operation in our mental apparatus or body corresponds to an operation in our physical apparatus or body. The physical body and the mental body are exact copies of each other and correspond with each other point by point, in general and in particular. But they are constructed out of different substances.

The physical body and all things physical on the planet are constructed out of particles from the physical sun and other stars in the physical universe (e.g., the original “Big Bang” clump of matter and particles). This formation history of the physical world corresponds to the formation history of the mental world. The “Big Bang” clump of physical matter in deep space corresponds to the mental sun of eternity. Both are the source or origin of all matter or substance existing in the two worlds. In the physical world the particles that make up the elements and molecules of the physical body are originally in the form of “heat,” that is, in the form of particles at very high temperatures travelling at the speed of light. These particles can be called “cosmic dust” and permeate all space. They have an inherent propensity to “clump” together into larger and larger conglomerations, until they reach the size of a planet. After some time this hot clump of matter cools down, and earth as we know it is formed.

In the mental world the corresponding events take place. Issuing from the mental sun of eternity are the particles of heat and light that create a mental expanse around the mental sun (see Diagram 4). This mental world is filled with the “mental dust” particles of heat and light issuing endlessly and continuously from the mental sun into the mental world of eternity. These mental particles have a built in propensity to clump together into either of two arrangements. One is the [light/heat] arrangement, or “light particle within which is a heat particle.” This is the masculine arrangement. The other or reciprocal arrangement is feminine: [heat/light] or “heat particle within which is a light particle.”

Mental objects, or organs, that are formed by further compounding of mental particles, are always pure, not mixed. All mental organs formed by masculine clumps or mental genes [light/heat] are male. They form the male mental body that corresponds to the male physical body. The female physical body corresponds in its formation to the feminine mental body, which contains the feminine mental organs that are constructed out of the feminine mental genes [heat/light]. Hence it is that the consciousness of men and women are distinct from each other. Man’s consciousness is the result of male mental genes [light/heat], while woman’s consciousness is the result of female mental genes [heat/light]. Mental light in men create masculine intelligence, while in women it creates feminine intelligence. Mental heat in women creates feminine loves, while mental heat in men creates masculine loves. Men’s consciousness is the result of masculine loves and intelligence. Women’s consciousness is the result of feminine loves and intelligence.

A woman’s consciousness is born in the neuro-skeletal sensorimotor system of her mental body. This conscious subjective operation is the result of the marriage of mental heat entering her affective circulatory system with mental light entering her cognitive respiratory system. With a man, mental light enters his cognitive system on the outside and bonds with mental heat entering the affective system on the inside. This bonding or synergy produces the operation in the sensorimotor system that we call masculine consciousness. (See Diagram 2).

The mental body corresponds to the planet and its planetary objects, most completely and particularly to the physical body. The masculine mental body and its consciousness correspond to the external parts of physical objects that tend to be relatively tougher and colder than the inside. The feminine mental body corresponds to the internal parts of planetary objects that tend to be relatively softer and warmer than the outside. For example, the outer tougher skin of a fruit corresponds to masculine consciousness, while the fruit’s soft interior corresponds to feminine consciousness. In daily married life, men tend to have their focus on external components of the marriage, such as working away from home, while women have their focus on the internal components of the marriage, such as managing the home and taking care of the relationships and needs of the family. The larger, stronger, tougher physical body of men in general corresponds to their mental body which is constructed out of [light/heat] units, that is, cognitive on the outside and affective on the inside.

Today in our modern world, and even more so in the super-modern future of sociobiological technology, the contrast in masculine and feminine consciousness may express itself differently than the traditional and historical dictate: women are domestic while men are forensic. Today you can observe men and women doing the same jobs up and down the echelons in private industry, in the armed forces, in public office, and in the home. Equal pay for equal work has not yet fully caught up to societal practices everywhere, and the male dominated world continues as before, but in a more civilized tone. Much physical and mental abuse is heaped upon women by men throughout society, and within the family by fathers and brothers. I believe that in the future true equality between men and women will be established through the unity model of marriage, which argues that when a man changes from being self-centered and becomes wife-centered, his masculine intelligence is greatly enhanced by and enriched by the reciprocal adaptation to feminine intelligence.

The enhancement comes from the anatomical fact that men’s intelligence is exterior to their love, as shown above, while women’s intelligence is interior to their love. In mental anatomy components that are more interior are superior in consciousness, that is, closer to the celestial-rational degree. The more interior intelligence of women enhances and enriches the more external intelligence of men. (See Diagrams). (REMINDER: if you use Control-click, instead of just a click, the page and diagram will open in a new window, and this is more convenient as you continue reading the text.) The higher intelligence of women comes from the superior reception of mental light with anatomical receptors that are more interior.

Similarly, men receive mental heat in more interior components than women (see Diagrams). A man’s love is higher and deeper than a woman’s love because the affective circulatory system of the man’s mental body has more interior components for the reception of mental heat. Hence it is that a woman’s love is enhanced and enriched by a man’s love when it is adjacent to hers.

But most importantly, the man and the woman enhance and enrich each other through reciprocal interdependence of their corresponding anatomical systems in their mental bodies. A woman’s external feminine love attaches itself to a man’s external masculine intelligence, and after that, a man’s interior masculine love attaches itself to a woman’s interior feminine intelligence. Through this entwisted anatomy the man and the woman soulmates achieve an anatomical unity. She cannot breathe without his lungs, and his blood doesn’t circulate without her heart. She cannot love anything without his thoughts about it, and he cannot think anything without her loves for it. In this way they become the conjoint self, also called the conjugial couple.”

Mental light from the mental sun of eternity corresponds to physical light from earth’s sun in the physical world. Mental heat corresponds to physical heat. Sunlight issues from the natural sun and travels millions of miles across space to reach earth in a few minutes. In winter the sun comes to us at a more indirect angle so that earth receives sunlight that is relative cold, deprived of its usual direct heat. In summer, when earth angles more directly and closer to the sun, sunlight is hot. Light within which is heat (spring, summer) in the physical world corresponds in the mental world to the masculine mind when it has been regenerated and is in an order that corresponds to the celestial arrangement. In winter the correspondence changes to light in which there is less heat or no heat (fall, winter), which corresponds to the unregenerate masculine mind in which there is intelligence but less altruism.

Heat within which is light, which is the feminine arrangement, corresponds to the regenerated mind of an adult woman. Prior to this phase of her development, a woman is in an unregenerate phase of growth in which she has not yet fully attained her feminine consciousness. Women’s consciousness prior to regeneration in adult life, is feminine heat within which is masculine light. A woman’s cognitive organ within her affective organ, operates in the arrangement of masculine intelligence and masculine thinking. There is an inherent anatomical disarrangement that originates with inheritance and is stamped in through socialization practices in a “man’s world,” which is a “male dominance” social and mental environment. A woman’s consciousness experiences this inner conflict or disarrangement, and gradually begins to construct a feminine interior in her cognitive organ. At last she develops a feminine intelligence. Now all her feminine loves are able to be consummated and fulfilled through her feminine way of thinking. This restoration of inner balance allows the woman to be prepared for conjugial union with her soulmate. Now it is her husband who attaches his interior higher love to her interior higher feminine wisdom, intelligence, and intuitive perception. (See phase 2 in the unity diagram (3).

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