Owning an iphone means that you need to protect it from damage. Little mishandling of your iphone could cost you pocket burns which you would dread for days. You can use protective covers and tempered glass coverings to keep your phone in good shape, but what if even they are not enough to prevent your gadget’s doomsday? Assuming that you are already feeling the pain of a broken iphone’s screen, listed below are 4 awesome tricks to help you prevent such tipsy moments and keep your phone far away from damage.

1. Top quality screen protector

The first step to protect your phone’s screen from terrible damage is to use excellent quality screen protectors. Such a protective layer works as your first line of defence against damage or breakage. Screen guard also helps in protecting screen against excessive pressure. Read on to know more about your two options in this respect.

a. Plastic protectors: Popular since years, plastic protectors are useful against scratches and marks, but when it comes to protecting the screen from breakage, these don't come in much handy. Such layers are great for keeping dirt, grime and scratches at bay with a little consideration towards air bubbles, you can apply it yourself.

b. Glass screen protectors: For better protection, glass or tempered screen protectors is a great option. This a protective guard which adds another glass layer to your screen which, in case of any damage, breaks first and protects the original screen. Since you cannot afford to have bubbles or misplacement, it's better to take professional assistance.

2. Hard case protection: Now that your phone is secured from the front view, what do you have in mind for the back? Well yes, your phone needs to be secured from the back as well to make it shockproof. Living under the impression that your phone’s screen will not be damaged if it falls on the back will cost you a whole lot of money. The best option, you ask? A rock-solid back cover would do wonders for you. phone screen repair Sydney specialists suggest you to opt for a hard shell phone cover which is sturdy and shock-resistant.

3. General stuff done right:Apart from the protective covers and screen guards on your phone, a few tweaks in your everyday life can help protect your screen from damage. For instance, we all store our phones in our jeans pocket while on the go. Try to avoid putting your phone in the pocket if it is tight fit as it could lead to snapping of your phone when you sit or move abruptly. Also, if you have other objects in your pocket such as coins, paper clips or any other sharp objects, avoid storing your phone with them as it might lead to scratches. While driving, keep your phone on a deck holder to avoid mishandling.

4. Waterproofing solutions:

A little water contact with your smart gadget can make it utterly chaotic and pain in your head and pocket. Waterproofing your phone is quite easy. Purchase a waterproof cover for starters to keep water out of reach. Somehow, if that does not work out as a viable option for you, let’s try something different. If you are one of those who needs their phone even when you are bathing, then maybe this needs to stop. However, if you have top shelves and safe spaces in your washroom where your phone can be safe from water, opt for it. Specialists working at some of the most renowned mobile repair shops in Sydney advice you to invest in waterproof cases and pouches for encouraged safety.

A small crack in the screen cannot be treated as a small expense which is why, we encourage you to use these tips to your advantage and some bucks for other purposes.

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