The prostate gland is a special accessory gonad for men, which is also known as the life gland. It is located deeply in the pelvis and plays an important role in reproduction and urination. When prostatitis breaks out, men will have torturous experience when urinating, such as painful urination, burning sensation, frequent and urgent urination.

In daily life, to avoid the problems caused by prostatitis, patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to improve the prostate health. In addition, these 7 daily factors should be averted as well.

1. Avert pressure

The long-time sitting position can easily compress the prostate and make lower limb blood circulation slow down, thus affecting the blood circulation of prostate and lymphatic circulation. In this case, it can further cause pelvic congestion and prostate congestion, which will easily lead to prostatitis.

In particular, sitting on the sofa for too long, driving car for too long, riding a bike for a long period and other behaviors can impede the blood circulation in the urogenital system. So it is necessary to move around after the prostate gland has been compressed for a hour.

2. Avert cold

Man's "balls" are afraid of heat, but the prostate gland is afraid of cold. When you get cold, the sympathetic nerve excitability will increase, causing the prostate gland to contract while make the glandular tubes and blood vessels dilate, forming congestive situation. Consequently, it is necessary to do some sports when it is cold, such as jogging, dancing and rope jumping. These activities can improve the body resistance and decrease the risk of getting prostatitis.

3. Avert a full bladder

If men do not pay attention to cleanliness, it is easy to cause bacteria to stay in the urethra. When urinating, parasitic bacteria can be washed away. But if you hold back urine and make you bladder full, these bacteria will get a chance to go back and cause inflammations. Therefore, you should pay attention to cleaning and sanitation. The male genitalia and the surroundings should be cleaned, to prevent the bacteria and pathogens.

At the same time, you are supposed to drink more water, about more than 2 liters of water every day. Wash your urethra through water drinking, which is conducive to the discharge of prostatic secretion and the improvement of prostatitis.

4. Avert alcohol

Prostate is the organ that is very sensitive to alcohol, which can get excited after being stimulated by alcohol, causing prostatic capillaries to expand and leading to congestive symptoms. Drinking too much alcohol in daily life is a common cause that can give rise to the occurrence of prostatitis. The truth is that if you indulge in alcohol once, your prostate gland will need 3 to 5 days to get restored.

5. Avert tobacco

The tobacco contains nicotine, tar and other harmful materials, which not only directly poison the prostate gland, but also interfere in the nerve that innervates blood-vessels and bring about function disorders. These stuff can also affect the blood circulation of prostate gland, bring about or aggravate prostatic congestion. Smokers have been reported to have nearly 2 times higher rates of prostate diseases than nonsmokers.

6. Avert spicy food

Excessive consumption of spicy and other irritant food can easily lead to the prostate long-term congestion, which may induce acute prostatitis or aggravating chronic prostatitis. Keep light diet as far as possible, avoid high fat diet, eat some fresh fruits and vegetables that contain rich vitamins and trace elements, such as tomato, apricot, guava, watermelon, papaya and red grape.

7. Avert excessive sexual life

Indulgence in sexual life is the enemy of the prostate gland, which will cause excessive prostate congestion and then induce prostatitis. Besides, you don't need abstinence, either. Long-term abstaining from sex can lead to the accumulation of prostatic fluid and make the prostate gland swollen.

Additionally, abruptly stopping ejaculation or frequent masturbation behaviors can also make prostate gland congestive easily, thereby causing inflammation. So it is suggested to have a moderate sexual life based on your condition.

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