For living healthy, you have to exercise control over your senses. Too much of everything is bad, for example; intake of a little wine is good for health, but excess of it leads to addiction. The main clue to good health is avoiding some very bad habits and developing new better ones.

Most people get into terrible bad habits due to workplace tensions, monetary problems or even marital issues. Getting angry and going for the inevitable alcohol is an easy temporary way out of problems, but in the bargain, one gets addicted to the drink and his/her health deteriorates. Many others are too lazy to cook homely food, and find it much easier to snack on fast foods or oily stuff, resulting in poor health condition and obesity.

Reports suggest that a normal American citizen snacks on fast food at least 3 to 4 times a week. It is very sad that people have started relying on such junk food for getting their energy and vitality. Still others, mainly young females resort to anoxeria, and wanting to maintain their rail thin frames and doing all possible stunts for it.

Fast foods are mainly made up of oily, salty and fried items with high level of starch and sugar. Such junk foodstuffs give us the wrong feeling of being full and satisfied. Eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet is the priority of a few people, who realize the importance of keeping fit or those who have learnt the lesson the harder way.

Similarly, drinking excess coffee is being indirectly addicted to the caffeine drug. It kills your appetite and also causes insomnia. Kids love chocolate, and can adversely affect their health due to the presence of chemicals in it. Worrying over every little thing is again a bad habit, suffered by most elderly people and women. Some men can be classified as workaholics, which can affect their health in a negative way.

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Different people have different types of bad habits. These old habits aren't easy to change, but it's not an impossible task. Forming new good habits for healthy living should be our motto in life. You can surf online web portals for details on longer life reference materials and related data. Like taking a medical insurance for accident prevention, one has to take up good health practices to chuck out the bad ones!