Avoid being conned. A lady I know, not a friend, was telling me that she was cheated by a man she met. He was happily married, and I stress happily. He was not at all interested in leaving his wife and he never said he was.
This lady was fed up with being single and desperate to find a man who would marry her or at least live with her and she nagged him and nagged him to leave his wife to be with her. He never once said he would. Yet out of desperation she got it into her head he must. With no thought to this man or to his wife.

She then went to various so called fortune tellers asking them what would happen. One told her that he would be with her soon and they would move into a huge and fantastic home together. he she clung to this and continued to see him.
Yet she then found that just as this man had said he would not leave. He had actually been very honest with her.

Because she was not getting what she wanted - him leaving the wife and moving in with her - she was furious and said she had been used.She had conned scammed herself! Never once did she bother to work out how much chance there was that this man would actually leave the wife. She just assumed that because she wanted him to he would.

Now let us look at some facts. This lady was 75. She was no oil painting. She was actually very wrinkled, unhealthy,
no job, no skills, no money and living in a tiny apartment. So what was so special about her that would get a man to want to leave his wife for her? She saw this man as the answer to HER problems but she had nothing really to offe rhim.

If we work things out in an analytical and logical manner - checking all of the facts - we can see things clearly.
We should not just think of what we want or how we prefer things. But of how the other person thinks and feels and
the likelihood of things.

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Avoid being conned.

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