Herniated discs, arm or leg pain, degenerative disc disorder, bulging discs, pinched nerves and sciatica are often linked to your spine asserting pressure on your discs. Poor posture, bad body mechanics, continuous stress and acute injury can cause your vertebrae to compress your discs and cause misalignment that adds further pressure on your discs. This condition then leads to two other major issues,
one being a bulge or herniation pressing on a nerve and the second one causing brittleness of the disc. The problem continues further because of the compressed disc causing obstruction to the flow of nutrients needed to fast track healing.

While there are traditional corrective treatments that you can opt for, such as surgery and other chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression therapy has proven to be more effective option for treatment. The treatment is FDA approved and has shown very good outcomes. For best results, visit an expert in the treatment. Spinal decompression NY has shown expertise in providing treatment and shows excellent track records for ositive results.

What Is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

It is a form of non-invasive treatment and eliminates the need ofsurgery for back problems. It is considered a medical breakthrough in alleviating chronic back-related problems. The treatment posses potential in providing relief for majority of the back problems that most people experience and has shown good statistical results.

According to spinal decompression therapy NYC, a person who is obese, has severe nerve damage or osteoporosis should not adopt this treatment option. It is mainly designed for disc-related issues that result when the spine puts pressure on your discs. The bulge or hernia is becausethe flow of the nutrients is confined. The treatment aids by providinggentle decompression to the discs.

The Treatment

• This treatment works by the expanding the disc space by gently stretching the spine.

• The therapy system is carried on a split table programmed by a computer offering a negative pressure (vacuum) within the disc. This lets the disc material of the herniated disc to get pulled back into the disc. It has been highly beneficial for sciatic treatment.

• In spinal decompression therapy, a specialized computer is used that help in modulating the calculated application of the distraction forces to the spinal structure. Thus, attain the ideal effect.

• With the passage of time, the disc can reshape to fit into the vacuum created between the vertebrae through the distraction force. Distraction is outset by partial relaxation. Continuous monitoring of the spinal resistance takes place. The process is with the objective to create an environment for repair of the spine.

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