Many times “miracles” and support come from unexpected corners and in unusual ways. Sometimes… right in the face of what looks “negative”. If you are like most professional women your mission and vision for what you want to accomplish is big.
When our human self stays hooked on a belief about timing or how something is going to happen, many times, the bigger part us takes over. Thank goodness! It seems to be a rule that things pile up it all seems to happen at once. But, I have always believed miracles can happen during those times and those “miracles” are real. I know the more you focus on miracles, the more they occur. You have to look for them beyond what is happening in the moment. So part of the redirection of what you may have planned now is the part of a miracle-shift allowing you to do something in a bigger way or in a different way than you thought. Or someone steps up and gives you exactly what you need.

To help you create miracles, I want to share with you three mistakes we as professional women make to sacrifice or health, happiness and relationships and how to avoid them.

Mistake #3 The thinking trap that makes you feel like you can’t relax or the world will fall apart.
What do you really want in your life? No one deserves to feel like they can’t relax. An easy way to start to make a change without really “doing” anything different is to take some time (if you take the time now, you’ll save so much time later) to dream, imagine and conceive your vision and your world with you taking time to relax and to Be relaxed.

Mistake #2 Not creating self rejuvenating Rituals
Research now documents taking10-20 minutes on a regular basis dramatically increases your physical health, mood and happiness. Most important it increases your productivity. Although hard for our logical mind to understand-women who take time for themselves report life moves more smoothly.

#1 Mistake Believing you have to struggle and sacrifice to be successful
This is a BIG one. Be realistic, but don’t let negative thoughts limit you – you have the capacity for more than you realize and life will unfold to support you. Thinking you have to sacrifice your health, happiness and relationships is a thought we have been programmed to believe. It’s NOT true. Challenge yourself when you that thought shows up. Go back to #8 above and look for evidence that when you take care of yourself positive things happen. Believe me it will be easy to focus on the negative at first so be aware that might happen.

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Bonnie coaches and supports busy female executives and professional women balance their life so they can stop sacrificing their health, happiness and relationships for their success. Having worked with hundreds of people through her counseling and coaching practice, Bonnie found the number one problem for her clients was stress. The stress response activates even when we don't think we’re worried or anxious. Just the simple unconscious thoughts racing around the back of our brains about our heavy workloads, personal responsibilities, next project or jam-packed schedules is enough to affect our health and our performance.

Bonnie understood she had to find effective methods for her clients to de-stress that would also fit into their busy lifestyles. So she became an expert on numerous techniques that specifically reduce stress and anxiety quickly and easily. By using traditional coaching and wide variety of techniques to release the patterns that keep her clients stuck, she is able to create a safe place where her clients can recognize the devastating effects of taking on a "male role" in business.