Hangovers can seriously impede your success, as well as the advancement of your spirituality. Drinking more than a couple too often is a lethal trap that you need to avoid at all costs if you want to reach your full potential and accomplish your earthly missions.

You’re not alone, most people have done it. You wake up after a night of excess drinking, or even just a couple if you’re sensitive to booze, and feel awful; it’s difficult to maintain positive thinking, let alone any spiritual disciplines like meditation, and a productive day is an uphill battle or out of the question.

There was a time about twenty years ago when we thought that any amount of alcohol would interfere with our spiritual paths, so we avoided it completely for a while. Later, we realized that it’s possible for us to enjoy alcohol in moderation without getting side-tracked. In fact, many medical studies suggest that light to moderate drinking can actually be healthy for you.

As the saying goes, you can’t play if the strings are too loose, and likewise if they are too tight. Loosen up and have a drink if you feel like it, but don’t overdo it. There may be periods in your life when you’ll probably want to completely avoid alcohol for various reasons, but unless you have an addiction problem, moderate drinking can be manageable.

How to Avoid the Hangover Trap

1. Dr. Frank Shallenberger recommends vitamin B3, Niacinamide (not Niacin) for hangover prevention. He says, “A hangover is simply the toxic effects of acetaldehyde, which is a byproduct of alcohol. Simply take niacinamide before and after drinking. It can reduce the formation of acetaldehyde by up to 50%.” He recommends 1500-2000 mg (or more--it’s completely safe in large doses) of vitamin B3 niacinamide both before and after drinking. We’ve tried this and there really is a significant, positive difference, and you sleep better too. By the way, search for Dr. Shallenberger’s websites on the Internet if you are interested in holistic healing combined with a traditional medical approach because he provides some very innovative health and wellness information for life extension and energy optimization.

2. Start drinking early and stop drinking early, so you are sober by the time you go to bed and get a good night’s sleep. Don’t drink on an empty stomach and eat something after drinking.

3. Stick with one type of alcohol. Mixing various types of booze will give you a worse hangover. Avoid shots, drink slowly, and drink water in between each drink.

4. Drink clear alcohol, such as vodka or 100% agave silver tequila. Amber alcohols (unless it’s very expensive scotch, for example) will give you a worse hangover due to the impurities. Also avoid sugary mixers or alcohols such as non 100% agave tequila; the additives like corn syrup are hard on your liver and will make you feel worse the next day.

Most plain seltzer and soda waters have no calories, thus no sugar, but careful of tonic water because it has lots of sugar and that can make your hangover worse. In addition, wine, no matter how expensive it is, invariably contains mold, which is also hard on your liver. You can safely counteract the mold with pure vitamin C (place it directly in your glass of wine).

5. Enjoy green tea and vitamin B-12 the next morning when you wake up. Your body will thank you for the energy boost, and it will be easier to focus on the day ahead of you.

By following the advice above, you can forever avoid the hangover trap and maintain your productiveness and spirituality.

Important note: Even moderate drinking can weaken your protective, energetic aura and open the door to spirit possession or attachment, especially if you are spiritually sensitive. Because of this, we recommend using spiritual protection and clearing exercises.

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