In your pursuit of spiritual awareness, you may have embraced the “consciousness” movement. After all, it sounds good, right? Become more conscious of yourself, humanity, and the environment, and strive to better the planet.

However, what you may not realize is that to many advocates, “consciousness” includes destructive economic and political policies.

You’re Not Alone if You’ve Fallen For it

Many people have become ensnared in the consciousness trap. The music-to-your-ears cosmic messages, on the surface, appear to be beneficial for humanity and the planet. Some are, some aren’t.

Aside from the feel-good New Age messages about spiritual enlightenment, it’s very common for consciousness advocates to portray American capitalism as a very bad thing, as if they really want to destroy the American system. This is troubling, because contrary to extreme left political ideology, small businesses (defined as fewer than 500 employees) drive the economy, creating approximately 70% of the jobs.

That’s free enterprise, free trade among honorable American citizens, and it’s very unfortunate that the consciousness radicals, instead of focusing on the real problem, big government and big corporation collusion, and crony corporatism, these jokers target the American free enterprise system as a whole, the very thing that has made America and much of the rest of the world prosper.

Take away the economic growth engine of capitalism, and you won’t have time to concern yourself with consciousness, because your days will be consumed with trying to meet your basic survival needs.

Don’t believe us? Go live in North Korea for a while and experience firsthand a communist country. We doubt you’ll be jumping on the “let’s hate America and the capitalist system” bandwagon after that trip.

It’s reminiscent of the 1960s radicals who raged against the American system, but never offered any viable solutions, though the dark side of this movement is much more covert and underhanded.

A consciousness red flag would be something like this: “(A political candidate) has more compassion for all living beings than (the other political candidate), so you must vote for him.”

You won’t ever get a real sense about a candidate’s level of compassion from what they read from the teleprompter, and your interpretation of their intent behind their policies is likely subjective. This is where critical, objective analysis is so important. Sadly, the majority of people are not interested in or simply not capable of it.

How to Navigate the Consciousness Trap

The true meaning of consciousness is self-awareness through identifying and rising above fear-based attachments, including all bias and intolerance. In doing so, you see the world as it really is, and you’ll more likely perceive the truth and lies about each individual political issue.

Daily meditation helps a lot in achieving a clearer state of awareness, especially for those who struggle with impartiality and a reasonable sense of discernment.

Watch for These Types of Bogus Phrases to Help You Identify Phony Consciousness Initiatives

1. You must forgo your individuality for global unity (a “One World Government” slogan).

2. There has never been a better time to open up to universal consciousness.

3. We are moving from duality consciousness to unity consciousness and those who refuse to make the leap with us will be left behind. Stepping through the gateway with us will activate your higher purpose.

4. Once unity consciousness is achieved peace and prosperity will reign forever.

5. You will be able to elevate your spiritual vibration, shed your karma, and ascend beyond the polarity of this dimension (not unless you’re Buddha or Jesus, or otherwise have earned avatar status!).

The future of humanity is not at risk, there are no critical crossroads, and if you follow the advice above, you’ll never get caught in the consciousness trap again.

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