When you have just been ‘kicked to the curb’ by your partner, your impulse could possibly get you into a lot of problems. The feeling of wanting an ex back can be very strong and nearly excruciating, this can cause you to do lots of things that might seem like good ideas at the time. Nevertheless, these "good ideas" at that moment often just a result of your frustration and desire to have quick solution. In most cases, doing those will only put you on even more complicated situation than you already is.

When emotions are raw we aren’t really can control of what we are doing. Our thought is clouded and we are not thinking clearly. What we do in this state are hasty and not thought through. It is exactly these things that will get tossed back at you. One would be to call your ex and to beg them to take you back. At the time it seems like the right thing to do. Obviously, there are few things less attractive to people than somebody that reeks of frustration. As soon as you do something like that you have pretty much affirmed for your ex that their decision to end their relationship with you had been the right thing to do. When in actual fact you should be getting them to doubt that decision.

You do not want to be chasing your ex in an extremely aggressive fashion. Text messaging them every minute of the day and asking them why they broke up with you is not advisable. Telling them how much you need them and how much you love them is not a good idea either. Keep in mind that you are not the only one going through a difficult time. The fact that they broke up with you means that they must be feeling bad too.

Rather than arguing the decision that your lover has made to end the relationship, simply accept it. This might sound like very weird tips. Your thought will tell you to fight your corner and do whatever you can to get them back. In a situation like this you have to do everything in your power to not give into what your initial feelings are. Tell your ex lover that they are exactly right and you agree with everything they are saying. Although you might not fell this way, it is by far the best move you can make at this point. Pressing against them will only cause them to push back and you will go into a cycle that will only drive you both further apart.

If you have already gone past that stage and you've been calling and texting constantly then don’t worry. You have not ‘blown it’ yet. It is possible to still get your respect back by admitting you had been wrong. Again, by accepting what has happened and by agreeing with them rather than fighting.

You not only want to agree with them, but you may also say that you have been thinking the same thing for some time now. It does not have to be real, but it's the right thing to say at that time. Stay calm! Don’t let them see you get excited or upset. Maintain a cool exterior.

As soon as you have agreed to ‘part company’ you are going to want to break off all contact with your ex. The purpose of this move is to give your ex a while to calm down and rethink about the relationship while you fix your life after the breakup. Get out from the house and have fun with your friends. Be active and don’t stay at home feeling depressed. Once your ex realizes that he/she can’t have you back and you seem to be okay without him/her, he/she will begin to question the decision to break up with you.

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