Avoid being seduced by the commercials, ads and marketing.

If you look through a magazine for too long, you will get pulled into the advertising or ad with the images, photos and words. By that I mean, that you are tempted to create a vision board following the old school way of thinking. This could be by adding plenty of material things to your board that ads and commercials tell you that you need. Pay attention to how the images and photos are making you feel: uneasy, jealous, anxious or trapped? Choose the images that make your body feel wonderful – like the way you feel when your favourite song comes on.
Avoid trying to make sense of it all.

If you have a giant stack of images and photos that don’t seem to go together, that is alright. You may not know what an opera singer in New York and a hot air balloon in New Mexico have to do with each other. Rather than try to make a rational connection, just accept that both photos mean something to you.
Avoid looking at the photos or images in a typical way.

Turn the magazine that you are looking at upside down and look at the photos or images as designs rather than literal pictures. Observe how your body reacts to this. Many of you will lean towards images that feel right, and lean away from those that feel wrong. Others will notice a very “open” feeling in their head or chest towards appealing images and muscle tension when viewing unappealing ones. As you look at these images, your mind may try to identify their literal form.
Avoid clichés and the old school use of Law of Attraction

Avoid the old school use of the Law of Attraction on your vision boards, such as enormously materialistic and cliché photos and images such as the typical: Palm trees. Sunny Beaches. Fast expensive cars. Dollar or money signs. Hot dates or perfect partners. In short, every get rich quick symbol that you see in the old school version of vision boards. The point is not that you can’t have a picture of a palm tree and a sunny beach, or ideal partner on your vision board. But only include these images if you are magnetically and 100% attracted to them. Avoid putting anything on your vision board that doesn’t feel really exciting, and appealing. Or what I call the “gulp factor”, where you would just be jumping for joy when that happens
Avoid settling.

If you get a strong feeling that you want to be on the Oprah Show but know that she is changing directions soon, and you are unsure if she will have guests on her new TV station, leave that space blank for now, or until you have something else that really juices you up and excites you.
Why does a vision board work?

Vision boards have been around for a very long time. One of the best explanations that I have heard is from Martha Beck. Martha explains it in a simple way:

“When you put your attention on something, you experience more of it. Maybe it is created by a magical force of attention. At the very least, you are going to selectively pay attention to these things you like once you selectively start to gear yourself to focus on them more.”

Following these tips, will have manifest and create your dreams and goals beyond your wildest imagination. Since you have taken your focus off the material things in life, and focused on who you are becoming (see the past posts on vision boards) you are moving towards becoming the best version of yourself. And yes, the money and abundance will just naturally follow.

You have created your next generation vision board using the Law of Attraction, so now get the most out of it:

* Avoid carrying it with you everywhere, or looking at it every minute of the day. Place it where you can see it, and think “these are pictures that make me happy and make me feel really good.”
* Avoid getting annoyed that you don’t have what you want yet. Practice being as detached as possible to the outcome of what you have placed on the board.
* Take a picture of your vision board. You could have it as your screen saver on your computer. Or have it as a photo on your cell phone. This allows you to have an enjoyable look or peak into the future that you can look forward to.

Here as some examples of old school and the next generation of vision boards using the Law of Attraction. See for yourself why this would be the last vision board that you ever need.
Old School Vision Board

Expensive Cars
Palm Trees
Movie Star Partner
Sunny Beaches
Dollar Signs
Piles of Money
Owned by Things
Next Generation Vision Board

Inner Peace
Inner Freedom
Bigger and Better Contribution
Bigger and Better Thinking
Live What You Love
Passionate, Fulfilling Life
Own Your Dreams
Become the Best Version of you

I hope that you enjoy the process of creating your next generation vision board as much as I did! Please share your tips or comments on making effective next generation vision boards here. Your vision board might change as you are making it. That happens often and just goes with the flow, and let it evolve as you are working on it.

When people like you share their own stories, how they took a different path, and creating a more fulfilling life, it becomes a stepping stone for others to have the courage to do the same. I encourage you to share your vision board with your family, friends and colleagues.

You will help others fulfill their dream of living where they want to live, enjoying life the way that they want it, earning the income they know deep inside of themselves that they can, and contribute in a bigger and better way in the world.

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