Content Marketing Strategy

If you are an entrepreneur you may not even realize what an advantage you have. It is easier and less expensive today to market your business than ever before. It not longer takes thousands of dollars and weeks or even months time to get your message out into the hands of people who need it. Today, your message can be seen by prospective customers and clients almost instantly and by spending only minutes of time on your marketing each day.

Content marketing, the same strategy used by fortune 500 companies to leverage the capabilities of today's market involves distributing compelling and quality content which can make its way around the web. Fortune 500 companies are not the only ones to make this work! When done correctly, this strategy will increase sales at the same time it strengthens relationships with potential clients.

Content marketing isn't a new strategy. Companies like John Deer have been selling with information for as long as people could read. They used their self-published magazine called the Furrow as far back as 1895. What has really leveled the field for smaller business owners is the internet. Information can now be distributed at incredible speeds. Both large companies information ad yours have the potential to go viral across multiple forms of media with millions of views in a matter of minutes.

Content Marketing Is Not Always Fast

Vitality is not always the way it works. In fact you can probably equate a post going viral with winning the lottery. The process of getting found for most is a little slower, but with consistency it pays off well. Everyone and anyone can host a blog or more than one, so not everything gets immediate views. The good news is that useful and evergreen content has the potential to be found for years to come.

Google changes their algorithms often all because they want people to use their search engine and find the exact thing for which they are looking. When your content is useful without regard to time, it is evergreen and people will be drawn to it when you solve their challenges.

Hold onto your views

My biggest recommendation to business owners is to invite readers of your content a way to stay in touch with you. Most often, marketers like you will offer even more valuable content via email. This can be in the form of a small class, a free report or any number of things that make life easier for the reader. It is imperative that you actually stay in contact with them using a series of well-planned emails. This will keep them engaged with you and start a wonderful relationship.

With consistent and relevant content your online foot print grows. Every article, video, and social media post provides a chance for potential clients to find and connect with your message.

Avoid this mistake with your content marketing

Getting quality content out to the world can be fast once you have a plan. Thousands of articles and videos can be submitted very quickly.This can be a problem when you need to make a change.

Not knowing where you have placed your links can be a huge problem. If you changed email service providers, a link is no longer working or ...etc. it can be a nightmare or worse, you will no longer make a connection with your readers. Here is how to prevent this mistake:

Use your website's 404 page. If someone lands on it instead of a page your link sent them, have a pre-made Apology for the error and offer another piece of valuable content as a way to continue the relationship.

Use a changeable link. Instead of inserting a link to a page that's not part of your own website (like a leadpages link) provide a link you can easily change without editing the article. An example of how to do that here.

Keep a list. Everytime you post information to site you don't own (like make record it on a spreadsheet. Other places to keep track of are your social media sites, places you make a guest post, and podcasts where you were interviewed. This way if you need to go back changes can be made quickly.

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