1. Don't take long or hot showers or baths (that washes away your natural body oils).

2. LIMIT time to 7-10 minutes.

3. SKIP antibacterial, deodorant, and perfumed soaps (they tend to dry your skin). Try a mild, moisturizing soap instead: Dove, Oil of Olay fragrance-free soaps, etc. (NOT Ivory, Zest, Dial, Irish Spring).

4. Don't air-dry after swimming; rinse, gently towel-dry, apply moisturizer often (while your skin is damp).

5. Use moisturizer early & often throughout the day: preferably one that contains glycerin, ceramide, fatty acids, or cholesterol (and no alcohol). READ LABELS!

6. Use sunscreen with SPF 30 whether in sun or snow.

7. Pay special attention to problem spots!
Remember: Your lips have no oil or sweat glands. (Don't lick lips; evaporation makes them worse.)
* Apply lip balm, chapstick, etc.
* Hands need moisturized often.
* Wear cotton-lined gloves when washing dishes.
* For cracked or dry heels: Use a urea or lactic acid moisturizer.

8. Wear cotton or silk undies next to your skin.

9. Use unscented fabric softener & avoid the drying perfumes & chemicals


Author's Bio: 

Dr. Sadowsky is a physician & author. He's practiced 44 years & is an International speaker, a tutor, & writes Integrative Therapy Manuals, Medical Texts, New Age Books, & Journal Articles.