Using peg words to help in memorizing needed information is great, but there is one thing that we must be very careful when we use this method, and that is confusion. When the same words are used to remember things, confusion is a huge possibility. Take for example, memorizing a list of countries and their respective currencies with the use of peg words. Using the same peg words, you decide to remember the US states. There is a good chance of recalling Georgia as the capital of Spain.

Only some individuals have the capability of avoiding confusion in using the same pegs, while others get confused entirely. One can practically avoid this by regular practice. Some methods to avoid confusion in using pegs are mentioned below.

1. Short-term lists

For a short term recall list, such as a to-do list, you do not have to make a lot of effort memorizing. By the time you are familiarized with it, you will not bother about remembering the first task in the morning.

2. Medium-term lists

If a medium term recall list, like a shopping list for the whole month or an upcoming game schedule, needs to be familiarized, then you should use a different method of pegs. Instead of memorizing hundreds of new peg words, try a set of ten or even lower, and if the need arises, expand it to 11-20.

3.Long-term lists

To memorize permanent information, it requires quite a bit of effort on your part. Take for example, memorizing countries and their currencies using the same peg words. If you had done this several months back, then your brain can actually forget what you require. Also, as the numbers of countries are over 200, but you used only 100 pegs, you will need to utilize the same pegs again. In this case, the technique of association can also be used.

4. Long-term lists version 2.0

This method is different, and helps in memorizing fast lists such as multiplication tables. It does not use peg words, but just memorizing the whole multiplication table by repeating the equation say 8 x 9 = 72 again and again until it gets permanently associated with your brain. This technique is difficult as it takes longer to memorize all the number equations, but then again, there are only few things that you should memorize using this technique.

Remember, use peg words only if necessary. As an example, to remember your friend’s phone number, there is no need for peg words. Just learn it all with association.

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