Everyone will like to have youthful, attractive and fresh eyes that will represent spirit as well as vitality. More than any part of the anatomy, it is the eyes that show the stress and strains one suffered. To avoid such situation, people often resort to eye creams. However, experience shows that organic eye creams work much better in comparison to other synthetic products and they also normally do not result in eye cream puffiness.

Features of Conventional Eye Creams

A host of eye creams; each of them claiming to be the best in the business can be found in the market but the fact remains that they could be harmful for the eyes as they contain chemicals. Some of the common harmful chemicals used in the conventional eye creams are as follows:

  • 1 or 4-dioxane;
  • Mineral oils;
  • Ammonia;
  • Alcohols;
  • Parabens; DMDM Hydantoins, phthalates;
  • Polyethylene glycols and Quaternium -15; and
  • Triethanolamine and many synthetic fragrances.

It is important for every prospective user to stay away from these harmful elements because they can result in various problems including eye cream puffiness.

Organic Eye Creams

In contrast, organic eye creams contain most natural elements and it would be good having a close look at the label of the natural eye creams while buying some to find natural elements like the followings:

  • Antioxidants are very powerful and can substantially reverse the aging signs in people. This feat is achieved by neutralizing the effect of the free radicals that can create problems for eyes and skins. Some of the antioxidants contain Vitamins A and E that stimulates the production of collagen in a natural way.
  • Such helpful antioxidants can be found out in sufficient quantities in foods like spinach, peanuts, whole gains, broccoli, avocado, and similar other vegetables. In addition; oily fish and liver area also great sources of antioxidants.
  • Collagen is also used in anti-ageing products very often and they are found in animal tissues of vertebrates and may also be available in amla oil, soy proteins, and almond oils. Elastin that was earlier derived from animal components can also be derived from vegan alternative as in case of collagen.
  • However, the most important natural ingredient in the organic eye creams is moisturizers that are essential for the health and freshness of eyes. Natural ingredients like grape oils, avocado oils, caster oils, jojoba oil, and many others.

Natural Elements at Home

Some of the natural elements that are available at home include the following:

  • Used tea bags can be stored in the fridge instead of throwing away or destroying and they can be used as eye packs;
  • Cucumbers are long used and gives excellent eye and face packs for the users and many people;
  • Lemon slices can be very good for the health of eyes and keeping them on the eyes for about 20 minutes can help freshness of eyes.
  • Other natural elements that are good for eyes are milk, potato slices, and even ice or a pair of frozen spoons kept overnight in the freeze.

However, the effects of all these elements become better when they form part of the organic eye cream in combination.

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