Kundalini is the spiritual energy, which lies dormant at the base of the spine in a coiled shape. When it is not awake, feeling the amazing power of it is impossible. The awakening of the Kundalini is actually a byproduct of reaching higher spiritual levels. Or it can also be said that when a person puts efforts to awake kundalini, he attains higher spiritual levels. The person has astonishing experiences during the process. Regardless of what approach you follow, you need guidance from a master spiritual healer like Astrologer Ramdev. He is a renowned Indian spiritual healer in London who is respected for his in-depth knowledge of the subject. When the kundalini awakens under the guidance of a master, it travels upwards and spiritually transforms the person. It purifies the seven centers of powers called Chakras while traveling from the base to the top. When the kundalini energy travels chakras along the ‘Sushumna’, it has to open a subtle valve to make the upward journey. Sometimes, it flows through the surrounding ducts and adds to the ‘prana shakti’ or vital energy. When this happens, the person experiences an increased activity associated with the area controlled by that chakra.

What is the energy system in the human body?

The whole universe is being controlled and kept active by the unlimited source of energy. It creates, sustains, and destroys everything. Every living thing, including human beings, have a part of this unlimited energy. It is called ‘Chetana’, an energy that keeps us moving. The energy is of two types- Active and non-active.

Active Chetana or Prana Shakti

The energy that keeps our physical body, mind, and intellect running is called the active chetana. It flows throughout the body via channels known as ‘Nadi’. The channels are everywhere in the body and the energy flows through every particle of our body. We call it life. Every living being is full of Prana Shakti or active chetana. When it leaves the body, life comes to an end.

Non-active Chetana or Kundalini

This energy remains dormant until we awake it with the help of a capable master or Guru. When a Spiritual healer in London enables the distribution of the subtle energy for the energy required for survival and the Kundalini for spiritual enhancement. Remember, the kundalini energy remains dormant throughout our life. Kundalini can be awakened by doing spiritual practice or by transferring the spiritual energy.

Kundalini awakening by doing spiritual practice

Yogic exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation are the practices that can awake the kundalini. Of course, you need the guidance and help of a spiritual healer who knows the secrets of it. Astrologer Ramdev is a famous Indian astrologer in London who guides his disciples to attain higher levels of spirituality by doing spiritual practice.

Kundalini awakening by transfer of energy

It is called ‘shaktipata’ or ‘the shower power’. When a spiritual healer attains higher levels of spiritual energy, he or she can bestow the same to others by uttering a mantra, by touch, or even by look or thought.
The act of grace by a spiritual master to a disciple who deserves it, the transfer of energy happens, and the process of kundalini awakening initiates. Once it begins, the progress of awakening depends on the efforts put by the disciple.

These two ways can be understood by the following examples:

• A person earns wealth through hard work and attains a sustainable growth. It is the path of kundalini awakening by spiritual practice.
• A person gets wealth all of a sudden by some distant multimillionaire relative. He may make use of it and grow it further, or waste it.

Astrologer Ramdev is an experienced spiritual healer who helps the person in achieving kundalini awakening in a systematic, step-by-step, and gradual manner. He keeps a close eye on how the person is progressing. With his incredible knowledge and powers, the journey becomes full of divine experiences.

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Pandith Ramdev has helped innumerable men, women, and children in the UK and other parts of the world to improvise the quality of their life. With his involvement, many people have bettered their relationships, while many have successfully raised their career graph and many others have overcome from a constant chain of failures.