Awakening to Our Celestial Nature 8 Day Course (Part 1)

By Author: White Wolf

Awakening to our Celestial Nature (Day 1)

This course is for anyone that feels that there is more to life than what they are getting. There are certain rules in this Universe that we must follow so that we can "Awaken" to the truth that each one of us has unlimited resources and possibilities to direct and control our life to be exactly what we would like it to be. So for the next few days study these lessons with a completely open mind and follow the instructions and you shall see just how easy it is to understand and use the "Supreme Principles Of Being" to bring peace, happiness, and success in to your life.

Terms to Know


All Wisdom, All Power, All Love, All Truth and All Energy that makes up All Existence which expresses its self through Energy Transference between a Collective Consciousness.


A Being that has Awakened to the Truth of their Life as the Light of Infinite Consciousness; yielding Wisdom, Power and Truth to assist All Beings to Awaken to their Celestial Nature.


Is an Intelligent Energy System established by Infinite Consciousness which allows Energy Transference to take place through out All of Existence. Every Being in Existence uses these Principles with every conscious or unconscious Thought, Feeling, Word and Deed that they express. This Energy System is made of neutral Energy which transforms into positive and negative Energy that Creates All Manifestations, Circumstances, Experiences and Environments. When a Being uses any form of Energy Transference they activate the Supreme Principals of Being; it makes no difference whether the Energy Transference is neutral, positive or negative those Energies will be Manifested and expressed.


Is an act of moving energy. A being uses Energy Transference to express their existence. The mediums of Energy Transference that a Being use are: Thoughts, Feelings (Emotions), Words or sounds, Internal Body functions and External Body movements (Deeds).


If a thought forms in mind consciously or unconsciously, energy is moved, which activates the Supreme Principles of Being.


When a Being feels any emotions well up inside of themselves, energy is moved, which activates the Supreme Principles of Being.


When a Being communicates verbally with words or sounds, energy is moved, which activates the Supreme Principles of Being.


All of a Beings Internal Body functions and All External Body movements causes energy to move, which activates the Supreme Principles of Being.


When a Being uses Creative and Positive Thoughts, Feelings, Words and Deeds to express their Life in a Selfless and beneficial way which serves All Beings, they activate the Supreme Principles of Being.


When a Being uses destructive and negative Thoughts, Feelings, Words and Deeds to express their existence in a self serving and harmful way to themselves and others, they activate the Supreme Principles of Being.


Is an negative substance that is manifested by negative Thinking, Feeling, Speaking and Doing. Dark substance attaches it's self to the Being that expresses negativity in any form. Once Dark substance is created and attached to the being, they must suffer pain, tribulations, sickness, delays, negative circumstances and negative environments to the degree and intensity equal to the density of the dark substance that was manifested. Dark substance exist only in the lower levels of existence. once a being rises above the lower levels of existence by eliminating All Attachments, Desires and Sentimentality they will find that dark substance does not exist.


Is an ability of a higher level Being to remain in a neutral state of mind and emotion when any positive or negative Thought, Feeling, Word, or Deed is expressed within himself or by another Being.

Exercise: Study all of these terms until you feel that you understand them for they are a very important part of the Awakening process.

Awakening to our Celestial Nature (Day 2)

Thought Rectification Keys

We have to guard all of our thoughts at all times.We need to make sure that all of our thoughts are constructive and positive. if we have negative thoughts arise we must replace them with an opposite positive thought. An example of this is; thoughts of anger must be replaced with thoughts of calmness; thoughts of hate would be replaced with thoughts of love.

It is very important to guard our thoughts all of the time because every thought that we have makes us what we are, they bring us the things that we need, and creates our environment that we live in.

We must always know ourselves to be the Light, Energy, Truth, and Wisdom of Infinite Consciousness with an unwavering knowingness within.

We must keep all of our thoughts pure and creative.

We must keep all thoughts tranquil (through meditation).

We must passively observe all of our thoughts whether they are positive or negative.

We must always keep our thoughts focused on the service of all beings in the universe. Some examples of the beings that we serve are: Air, Water, People, Trees/Plants, Animals/Insects etc.

We must never allow our thought content to be that of a wanting or self serving nature.

All of our thoughts must be of gratefulness for all beings, environments, circumstances,or things that we experience or come into contact with in our life.

We enhance our connection with Universal Consciousness when we focus on the positive qualities of all beings, environments, circumstances and things that we come into contact with.

When destructive or negative thoughts arise we must passively observe them without judging them as being good or bad, we must never mentally beat ourselves up for having destructive or negative thoughts.

Some examples of the thoughts that we must passively observe are: happiness, sadness, sickness, pain, fear etc.

Exercise: Study all of these "Thought Rectification Keys" and use them every day in every environment and circumstance.

Awakening to our Celestial Nature (Day 3)

Emotional (Feelings) Rectification Keys

Our emotions or feelings are extremely important to empower our thoughts to bring forth mental and physical help to our bodies, desired living environments, all of the tools, resources, and materials needed to live a long healthy and prosperous life.

We must also guard our emotions and feelings and make sure that they are always positive.

Our thoughts are the cause and our feelings are the effect; so if our thoughts are all positive all of our emotions and feelings will be positive.

We must always have strong feelings deep within our core being that we are the Light, Energy, Truth and Wisdom of Infinite Consciousness.

All of our feelings toward all beings must be that of Unconditional Love.

All of our feelings must be Creative, Pure and Peaceful.

When destructive or negative feelings arise we must replace them with creative and positive ones. Some examples of these are: fear- courage, hate- love, sadness- happiness etc.

Our feelings must be uplifting and kind toward ourselves, all other beings and in all circumstances.

Our feelings must always be compassionate and helpful toward all beings and never self- serving.

When our feelings are creative and positive we are connected to Universal Consciousness and we unlock unlimited possibilities.

When we have strong feelings of eternal knowingness of our Celestial Nature it empowers us to create and manifest our environments and our reality.

Exercise: Study all of these "Thought Rectification Keys" and use them every day in every environment and circumstance.. It is very important to understand and apply them every day from now on; So that you can activate the creative force to design and manifest your perfect life.

Author's Bio: 

White Wolf is the founder of (New Earth) an organization in the field of Spiritual Awakening,Sustainable and Healthy Living,Information distribution, Products and Services, for healthier lives and cleaner Environments.

Author of 5 books (Awaken),(Success),(New Earth Way),(New Earth Living & Wilderness Survival)and(Personal Guide for Sustainable and Healthy Living).

White Wolf has 2 Degrees one in Environmental Science/Conservation and one in Wildlife/Forestry/Conservation. He is also a Master Naturalist through the University Of Florida IFAS Extension and has worked for the Florida Department of Natural Resource Management as a Research Assistant.

White Wolf has over 20 years experience as Spiritual Awakening Guide and Teacher of Environmental Awareness,Wilderness Living/Survival Skills,Ethno-botany, Wildlife Observation, Primitive Ceremonies and Tool Replication.