Awakening to our Celestial Nature (Day 7)

Materialistic Sentimentality Rectification Key

The Elimination of materialistic sentimentality. What is materialistic sentimentality? It is a very low level carnal state of mind that is expressed through negative and positive egotistical emotions. These emotions are very controlling, and if they are continuously expressed we will find ourselves cut off from Universal Abundance and Supply. Some examples of negative egotistical emotions are: having sentimental feelings for someone, having a belief of sickness, physical distress, and emotional distress, tribulations or hardships of any kind; whether it is our family, a stranger, a friend, an associate, an animal or any other being. Some examples of positive egotistical emotions are: having feelings of physical love, honor and respect for any being in a low level illusional way.

Now that we have the basic understanding of negative or positive egotistical emotions, we will address what we should replace those emotions with; when we find ourselves feeling emotional about any being suffering illness, physical or emotional distress, or hardships we must change our feelings in a way that makes us observe the situation as a passive observer.

What is a passive observer? It is the ability to observe a situation without being emotional about it. When we are able to be a passive observer with all situations we not only help the being with their illusional problem, but we keep ourselves from being caught up in that illusional negativity.

A question might arise like; how can we help a being that is suffering when we are just passively observing? Well there are specific Supreme Principles of Being that govern all circumstances and things; these Principles help each being to purify their internal nature by the elimination of dark substance. When a being is caught up in an illusion of suffering they eliminate a little bit of that illusional dark substance. When we get emotional around a being that is suffering or when we try to eliminate their suffering we are working against Supreme Principles of Being; which only postpones the beings suffering to a later date; also when we do this we obtain that illusional dark substance ourselves. When we become passive observers we align ourselves with Supreme Principles of Being and we replace negative egotistical emotions with powerful energy frequencies of Divine Compassion; which brings forth health, harmony and peace. We must also replace positive egotistical emotions like; honor, respect, and physical love by being a passive observer; using Divine compassion and expressing Unconditional Love, Divine honor, and Divine respect for all life and beings in the Universe.

How can we express Unconditional Love, Divine Honor, and Divine Respect for all life and all Beings in the Universe?There are many beings in the Universe that express a negative illusional state of their being when they think, feel, speak or do things negatively. Any time a being expresses negative thoughts, feelings, words or deeds they are not expressing their Celestial Light Nature but are playing a role to satisfy a self-serving and false illusion of who and what they are. This can seem to be very deceiving and hurtful to all of us that do not understand the fact of, who or what all beings are made of. So when we cross paths with these self-serving negative beings we have to see them for what they truly are instead of the false illusion that they believe themselves to be. All beings are made of a High Energy Matter with a specific frequency that determines its size, shape and structure. This High Energy Matter is very intelligent because it is a representation of Universal Substance and Consciousness.

When a being Awakens to their Celestial Light Nature they will no longer try to uphold a self-serving, false illusion of themselves and they will not think, feel, speak or do negative things anymore. When we Awaken to our Celestial Light Nature it is easy for us to express Unconditional Love, Divine Honor and Divine Respect for life and all Beings in the Universe; because we understand that anything that seems to be negative is just an illusion. As we continue to send out Unconditional Love, Divine Honor and divine Respect to all Beings we are eliminating negativity and connecting with Universal Consciousness and all things that we need will be given to us freely. Here are a few examples of Unconditional Love: loving all people regardless of the way they look, think, feel, speak, write or do things. Loving all animals in the world, loving all trees and plants, loving the air that we breathe, loving the food we eat, loving all the water on earth, and loving all beings big or small throughout the Universe. Here are a few examples of Divine Honor and Divine Respect for all beings: we Honor and Respect the air we breathe when we acknowledge its being and we express our gratitude for its life giving abilities. We Honor and Respect the plants when we observe their beauty and acknowledge their intelligence, and realize that we cannot exist here without them. We Honor and Respect the Water when we give thanks for its being and for our acknowledgment that it is the life blood for all life on this earth. We now have the tools of our Celestial Nature, now we must go out into the world and use these tools and all things that we need will come to us effortlessly.

Exercise: Study all of these "Material SentimentalityRectification Keys" and use them every day in every environment and circumstance.. It is very important to understand and apply them from now on; So that you can activate the creative force to design and manifest your perfect life.

Awakening to our Celestial Nature (Day 8)

Service of a Celestial Light Being

Transcending the Illusions and the Hardships of a Self-Serving Being

Service of a Celestial Light Being is: Serving every moment of every day selflessly. To serve selflessly, a being must never try to satisfy a personal desire or want. The service must be positive and good for the benefit of Infinite Consciousness, another being, or for the good of all beings.

Carnal service is: A being that serves themselves for personal gain, satisfying personal desires and attending to their wants.

Carnal service creates negativity from "The Supreme Principles Of Being," it distorts a beings perception of their circumstances and environments; it strengthens and upholds their illusional state of being and identity. When a being serves themselves they activate hardships, stress, tribulations, sicknesses and many other negative manifestations which can lead to death.

Service of a Celestial Light Being creates positive qualities from " The Supreme Principles Of Being," it activates positive energies of good that brings forth Love, Peace, Harmony, Power, and Truth; it gives a being all of the things that will enrich and empower them to live a life of happiness, abundance and prosperity without many hardships and tribulations.

Exercise: To serve as a Celestial Light Being, we must ask our-selves these two questions with everything we think, feel, speak, or do.

1) Is this thought, feeling, word or deed that I am expressing at this moment positive and self-less?

2) Is this thought, feeling, word, or deed that I am expressing at this moment negative and self-serving?

We can use these two questions to guide our-selves with every Thought, Feeling, Word, or Deed that we express in our daily lives. If we always make sure that every thought that we have, every feeling we feel, every word that we speak and every deed we perform is positive and self-less, then we will be well on our way to a life of happiness, abundance and prosperity.

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