Racism is a crucial discrimination in society which has been part of everyone’s life for over six decades. This phenomenon has created rifts and flared up riots among various communities. Several people were sacrificed during such clashes, bloodshed was an everyday scene. Gangs of various communities mercilessly slit numerous lives without thinking about its consequences. Such thinking has had a very deep impact on the future generations.

They are conditioned to think in a way where racism is the result of the words spoken. In the modern world racism is equated with racial discrimination as both are considered a single facet of a coin. Racial discrimination is related more or less to the pernicious practices followed by many societies even till date. This phenomenon is a destructive force which creates a ruckus in the society and creates cracks which never finish. This has a bad effect on children as they learn to discriminate from an early age; it becomes a threat to the ethics of a person. As youngsters they should be told about imbibing moral values which tell people to learn to respect everyone as equals.

For several decades racial discrimination has been the basis of social treatment, justified or unjustified. Violence, oppression, prejudice and dislike are some of the factors which moot racism. If children are to be fed on such ideals the future of societies is going to be bleak. Racist believe in the hierarchical form of understanding and comprehension. This means if people have any query or problem they need to keep the structure in mind before approaching.

According to individual’s cast and creed services or treatment is being given to them. ‘Xenophobia’ is also a type of racism which is hatred harbored against foreigners. Those who are being discriminated by racists are considered to be piles of burden for others. Racism is a termite for the society which has been making it hollow for the past six decades. Even after so much advancement in thinking and understanding there are a few elements which still consider the old practice of discrimination to be apt. The only way racism can sustain itself is by passing it down to the future generations which is an extremely heinous crime. Passing on hatred will only give birth to hatred and the end result will be nothing fruitful but complete annihilation.

Economic racism is also another part of this phenomenon which has prevailed for along time in our society. Based on economic conditions people get services as required and deems fit for them. Such restrictions and discriminations have already created barriers between communities and religious groups. The mayhem created by all such destructive ideas is sure to destabilize the society as a whole and subsequently people’s lives.

These ideologies, if will be seeded in the future generations, it sure will become the harbinger of permanent disaster which probably cannot be repaired by anyone either. It is a good idea to make them realize the results of such thinking and understanding. Youngsters need to know what is best for them and their society. Parents need to be sure about teaching such ideas to their wards. We wish them best of luck.

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