The times when we have the highest levels of inspiration and freedom comes during the absence of the ego. During these times we can tap into our full potential. The problem is that these moments may come rarely.

We all have egos, they are a major part of our lives, our society demands the use of it. The ego creates the thoughts we have that are related to analyzing, planning, judging, defending and directing. The ego can also get caught up in daydreaming and power trips. Therefore the ego can either be at work or seeking mental pleasure. During these times we are essentially being controlled; we are not free, our true selves are restricted from expression. The ego can be useful when it comes to doing our jobs and chores but then it can keep its momentum and be overused. Inside most of us the ego is overused and this is mainly because our beliefs systems have created a strong need for it. Society also demands for its dependence.

We are in a time in our civilization where we need to start letting go of it. This world needs to become a better place and it is our awakening that will create this harmonious reality. The collective influences of our egos have created a lot of chaos and disharmony in this world. It is the ego that gets seduced by greed, external power, selfishness, separateness and so on. Although most of us are far away from being seduced into those elements because we know better and are pursuing to be better people. Yet it does not mean that we are free from the ego's influence. Because it is a survival based mentality, it can affect us in so many ways. Our belief systems may have made us dependent on structure, that things have to happen a certain way and then we use our egos to try controlling our environments in order to make things happen a certain way. Over planning is a common habit of trying to control things, planning is needed at times, but ideally it is better to learn to live in the moment and go with the flow of events. Living in the future will often fall apart because it goes against the flow of the universe. But because of our dependencies, we can ignore this truth and try harder to control. We can only accept this truth when we decide to let go and understand our fears.

It is our fears that create these structures and insecurities. It is completely normal for us to have fear; we all have them on many different levels. I believe one of our main purposes here is to learn from them. When we do is when we really learn to grow and evolve. At the same time we lessen the need of our egos hence the need to control things. This is when we are earning freedom and can make the best out of every situation. The ego does not make the best of every situation, far from it!

When we can be aware of our egos and our need to control things we can create a path towards a higher level of freedom. Understanding the workings of our egos in our lives can lead us to understanding our insecurities. Then understanding our insecurities and lead us to seeing our fears. Personal growth will be strongest when we learn to work directly with our fears. They hold the keys opening us towards the highest rate of change. Conquering our fears is direct evolution towards freedom.

If you are ready to take on your fears and you realize that your ego is your biggest obstacle against your ultimate fulfillment keep in mind:

- the structure of our fears work in an upside down pyramid. The smaller fears lead to the bigger fears. There is an order to how they all work together.

- the law of attraction works with fears as it does with positive energy therefore your fears will always attract their events

- the opportunity to deal with fear is often present because of the law of attraction, life experiences are the best teachers

- to recognize a given fear, one must be aware of the ego, the control and where the discomfort is present

- once the fear is recognized, you can find your way to deal with it

- the key to conquering fear is through using its energy to go back to the source, there is no need for endless analyzing

When we can free ourselves from each one, we allow a higher source of energy to come into our lives.

Author's Bio: 

In my path of personal growth my main goal has been to attain freedom from my ego. Because I understand that it is the biggest obstacle in front of my personal enlightenment. On this path I often seeked inspirations as they took me beyond my ego, from that I started to learn more about the universe and our spiritual purpose here. That led me to understand the importance in learning about myself. I recently learned a way to fully and effectively deal with my fears and since then my path has been much more fulfilling.
It is my mission now to share my ideas with others, teach others to conquer theirs fears like I have. I believe in the importance of winning the battle of duality; between the ego and the true self. It is something that I believe we must always keep in mind otherwise we can lose our freedom. For information about my work please visit