Why is it important to have a good knowledge of the current affairs? to keep ourselves updated. We can only stay protected if we know what is happening around us. We should be aware of the current scenario of India at least if not the entire world. A person who has a sound knowledge of the general affairs of the world is always the one who can understand and perceive things better. Lack of general knowledge narrows your perception and confines your ideas. You live a life influenced by others or trying to figure out what you want from life. In such a tussle, you often lose your career, and most importantly yourself. You start living in a world which has severed its ties from reality and is diminishing your state of being. Current affair knowledge would bring stability in your life, it would bring a balance as you would be aware of the true condition of your society. You would be aware of the events or occurrences taking place around you which would broaden your perspective and make your vision clear.
In today’s time, the roots of current affair awareness are laid in school times. Students are asked to pay emphasis on general knowledge issues which invokes in them the curiosity to know more and gain more knowledge. One can study texts and gain textual knowledge but it still does not complete your quest of knowledge. In order to fall into the category of an intellectual being a good combination of textual knowledge and general knowledge is very important. To put into use the theories, or facts that you studied in books, you need to look around and implement them in real life.
Current affairs can be very useful for us. Firstly, they help us grow as individuals. A person who is well aware of the current affairs can easily initiate a conversation with anybody. He/she become a more confident being sure of his openness to new ideas and opinions and becomes a social being. Also, in the academic front, you cannot succeed in any competitive exam or interview if you do not have a sound knowledge of the current affairs taking place around you. They would ask you about the current scenario of India, which you would only be able to answer if you are in the habit of reading the newspaper, or you practice quizzes, or watch news.
As you can see, Current affairs knowledge is very integral part of our survival these days. They help us stay connected to the real world through mediums like quizzes, newspapers, radios, televisions, magazines etc.

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