As kids step out their homes and arrive at preschools for the first time , they look forward to a cozy, warm and secured setting or environment. If toddlers get it they exhibit positive development both physically and intellectually. However, it all depends on the teachers on what kind of classroom environment they create for the infants to learn, evolve, and grow. We have put together awesome tips and guidelines to make their task easier.

Look after the needs & requirements of kids

Preschool students crave love , belonging, freedom, innovation, and fun. If these needs are fulfilled and they feel secured, educators can boost student engagement, reduce absenteeism, prevent lack of concentration levels in classroom and improve their academic productivity. A childhood care education course would help prospective and active instructors to explore many other strategies to create a positive classroom environment.

Set rules & expectations from day one

Educators must be equipped with the knowledge on how to organize & supervise his classroom. From the beginning of an academic session, teachers should clear set of rules and guidelines of what they expect from students, what kind of behavior students must demonstrate and punishments and penalties that come with violating a rule or discipline. It will give students a clear idea about what to do and what not to do.

Another thing teachers must incorporate in classroom to make sure discipline and order is always maintained is to clearly explain the practical tasks and procedures that students must perform after entering the classroom. Some of them are as follows :

Bring the textbooks and notebooks according to the routine on a regular basis
Arrive at the classroom in time and immediately participate in a learning activity
Jot down the missed lessons and assignments because of absence
Distribute and gather learning materials
Get the teacher's attention without interrupting the class

Explore a student individually

Teachers must get information about cultures, interests, extracurricular activities, personalities, learning styles, objectives, and mentalities, to better reach out to the students and make the classroom environment conducive to learning. Since it varies from one learner to another, teachers should come up with modified learning content and curriculum. This can be achieved by holding class meetings with them, playing collaborative games with students, conducting surveys on students, attending extracurricular events like sports, art, drama, poetry, games etc. Opting for a childhood care education course will help educators to upgrade their teaching skills & practices and feel more empowered and confident.

Develop positive relations with the children

It's important for the instructors to create a good rapport , camaraderie and positive relationships with students to break the myth that teachers are only teachers and should be held at high pedestal. It is true but they also need to connect with the kids, help them to get rid of their shyness and eliminate the boredom of studies.

The best way to achieve those objectives is to engage the kids in friendly classroom or outdoor games and collaborative learning activities. The biggest advantage of incorporating them into studies is that it not only makes learning fun but also develops a sense of belonging and gives children a powerful reason to attend classes.

IITT (International Institute of Teachers Training) is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified academy takes pleasure in introducing international diploma in childhood care education course for aspirants and trained teachers. The course is curated with upgraded learning modules that will prepare and empower candidates with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively create a positive & motivating classroom m environment that is conducive to academic productivity. The course also incorporates other lessons on children psychology, teaching pedagogy, assessment tools, and other advanced principles .

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