About 5000 years ago, Ayurvedic medicine started in the holy land of India is a science of long life and is the oldest system of health care in the world, including serious ideas of both medicine and philosophy. Since ancient times, Ayurveda has developed the complete physical, mental and spiritual development of mankind throughout the world. Kerala, the cultural state of India is blessed with natural and organic medicines, Ayurveda.

Land of Ayurveda: Kerala Ayurveda resort

Kerala, which has faced many attacks of both foreign and indigenous and infiltrating, has an unbreakable relationship with Ayurveda. In fact, today Kerala is the only state in India where Ayurvedic medicine system is adopted with complete dedication. As the only means of treatment of people, the doctors of Kerala had to interpret the principles of Ayurveda and had to be actively adopted to take effective treatment in everyday life. Kerala is not only a system of health care but Ayurveda is in every aspect of the life of the people here. Miraculous people are treated like a cure for sick people, miraculously treated diseases, and people are respected and surprised.

Why Ayur Villa?

  1. With a homely atmosphere, Ayur Villa serves you at the most reasonable price. It has five bedrooms and they can easily accommodate up to ten persons. Far away from the crowded place, it gives you soothing atmosphere where your mind can feel the essence of Ayurvedic herbs.
  2. Yoga and Ayurveda are the oldest allies. And what if you get them side by side? Well, Ayur Villa gives you the chance.
  3. According to Hindu Shastras, food is something that heals the mind and body. Fresh foods are hard to come by these days. Here in Ayur Villa, they maintain the healthy diet. Foods come from the soil that is extremely fertilized and chemical free. All information is linked in here, theayurvilla.com.

The Ayurvedic resort of Kerala: Ayur Villa

As far as Ayurvedic treatment is concerned in the resorts of Kerala, the body is massaged through Ayurvedic herbs and herbal oils.The drugs used in this treatment are a better and effective way to overcome metabolism, stress and chronic diseases. It is widely used for chemo therapy and other diseases. Apart from this, this treatment is also done to make the body beautiful and healthy. Experts in medical field believe that Ayurvedic medicine is the best medicine method to give very effective and durable results. For a long time, people who are troubled by diseases including night sickness, paralysis diseases, respiratory disease, digestive tract disease, skin-related diseases, mental disorder, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver and kidneys are taken care off.

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