Ayurveda and Gynecology

Ayurveda is the recipe of ancient wellness and the key to good health. It takes the natural elements that have made us up to treat us and to prevent us from any disease. All ailments are possible to be treated and presented in the realm of ayurveda.

Gynecology is also one department that can come under the treatment and prevention of Ayurveda. The best gynecologist doctors in Ayurveda are there to solve various problems that are commonly found and continuously increasing, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome treatment.

polycystic ovarian syndrome is a very strong growing ailment which requires attention and prevention it generally occurs in younger women due to various factors related to lifestyle. If someone has been detected with it, Ayurvedic treatment can be used for recovery without negative effects. Based on individual needs, unique therapies are present; they help in balancing the hormones naturally. It helps in balancing nutrition and the negative energies in the body as well.

Ayurveda is filled with remedies, even home remedies for abnormal and irregular menstrual cycle. From managing the correct vitamins by healthy amount of food in terms of vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates, to also adding some cinnamon in the diet will help. Lifestyle changes and stress management is extremely important for normal menstrual cycle. It is important to exercise on a daily basis. It is also important to maintain a healthy body mass index.

Best Home Remedies for Hormone Balance and Normal Menstrual Cycle :-

• Ayurveda is incomplete without yoga. It is very useful to manage abnormal menstrual cycle, menstrual pain and also the hormonal imbalance that accompanies with emotional symptoms like depression. There are certain yoga poses that are of great help for maintaining good health.
• Maintaining a good and healthy body mass index is very important. Be it overweight or under weight, it can be very dangerous when it comes to menstrual and hormonal health by eating the right fruits and vegetables with the nutritious intake, this can be sorted.
• Even a brisk walk or a light evening walk is enough to maintain a daily routine to fitness. It is important to exercise regularly for healthy hygiene.
• Oil massage is very useful in keeping the balance of the body and its elements. Specialized ayurvedic doctors do it in the best way for complete prevention and treatment of menstrual pain.
• When it comes to Ayurvedic elements from the nature, there are certain elements that are very useful in preventing various diseases associated with gynecology. Like the bark of the tree Ashoka is useful in preventing excessive bleeding and menstrual pain. Many more plants like amlaki, guggul are useful in regulating stress and overall health.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Nitesh Khonde is an expert in Traditional & Modern Ayurveda and panchkarma therapy. he is an expert in pain relief therapies for paralysis, slip disc, knee pain, arthritis, back pain, cancer, skin diseases, dental problems, gynecological health disorders, and many more to place the mind, body, and soul in perfect synchronization with nature.